Dare to Swap Those Hand-Me-Down Beliefs for New Possibilities Here in the New Year.

Are Your Beliefs Helping You Create - Life Coach Teresa Young

What do you believe, anyway? About life, and love? About work? How about money?

Consciousness of your beliefs—of what drives you and stops you—is a courageous approach to modern life. You can in fact dare to examine your beliefs. Reflect on them. And make choices that change your life.

One central test of any belief is whether it’s fear-based or growth-oriented. Like believing that “love always fades to quiet boredom.” Maybe it’s been your experience so far, or you’ve seen it play out in the lives of others. Like long-held family knitting-circle talk, or good ol’ boy logic. But does it challenge you to keep risking for the deliciousness you want in relationship? Or do you justify your own lack of heart due to fear of heartache?

Most importantly, are you really free to choose? Consider that any reason why not is a belief, rather than some absolute truth. In truth, we’re living in an amazing era. You and I are actually free to consciously choose our beliefs if we’re ready to do this important inner work. Work that will move us forward in new ways. In the ways that matter most to us.

Now dare to go bravely cast off the hand-me-downs that don’t really suit you. As you get set to do that beautiful work, reach out for the support you deserve. Get yourself a coach!


Life Coaching with Teresa Young
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Teresa Young wants you living your dream, for real. She coaches by phone, in person in Los Angeles, and via Skype outside the U.S.


Stop Squandering Your Energy Now. You, Dear. Today. Really.

Stop Squandering Your Energy - Life Coach Teresa Young

Stop squandering your energy. For real. And you know just what I mean, right? OK, the truth is I started with the negative to get your attention. Now let’s talk about conserving, containing, and consciously creating what you want most using your precious energy. And I don’t mean with long-lasting light bulbs or by powering down your electronics at night. I mean by making the best use of your most precious commodity: your life force. You with me? Great.

Track your flow

I say one powerful way to begin is to actually log your energy usage for a day, in four sections:

  1. Important (in service to your goals)
  2. Fun
  3. Unimportant
  4. Counter-Productive

First, in this moment, what do you think you will see? Next, try it out. Check your predictions after 24 hours. Even this simple action will begin to change the game. Read more here at http://oneideaaway.com.


Life Coaching with Teresa Young
Photo: John Livzey

Teresa Young wants you living your dream, for real. She coaches by phone, in person in Los Angeles, and via Skype outside the U.S.



How to Rock the Life You Want (Spoiler: First Truly Be Beautiful YOU)

One Size Does Not Fit All ~ Life Coaching with Teresa Young

You want me to rock… life?

As a musician who became a coach, I regularly ask my clients this jammin’ question, “So, are you ready to rock life?”

If your answer to my question is yes!, then the classic Zappa quote here may aid you. It states the fact of the uniqueness of each of us. And those who know about Frank will tell you he was a man who walked his talk.

Frank Zappa walked his talk.

As a musician/composer and provocateur during the Vietnam era and beyond, Zappa created his own rock life legacy of compelling, original music and acerbic social commentary. From genre-busting musical styles and types of ensembles, lyrics that took down all manner of sacred cows, and a lifestyle that was part of his art, he lived his truth. His own unrepeatable creative life.

Enter… you.

Enter this season of opportunity in your beautiful life.

Are you considering stepping off the beaten path? Marching to the beat of your own drummer?

I’m having fun with these cliches to reinforce the truth that the question of whether and how to live in a way that’s unique you is oh, so human. And yet…

Read more of this scoop at www.oneideaaway.com.



Life Coaching with Teresa Young
Photo: John Livzey

Teresa Young wants you living your dream, for real. She coaches by phone, in person in Los Angeles, and via Skype outside the U.S.


Is Change on the New Year Horizon for You? Consider the Holidays Your Pre-Season.

Poised to Embrace Change - Life Coach Teresa Young

Today I’m thinking about embracing change. ‘Tis the season for me on a lot of levels, and that intrigues me. Because I know if it’s happening to me, it’s happening to folks around me, too.

‘Twas what season?

I’m thinking about the fact that there are placid seasons in our lives. Times that, as you look back, seem like long stretches of comparatively calm water. But then when was that, exactly? Those six months? That year and a half? But actually, this major life event happened. Then that one. And while they had your attention, the lid blew off the situation around the corner.

Never a dull moment. And that’s the journey. That’s the beauty. Beautiful life.

And yes, change comes in seasons. Like in the movie Chocolat, where a big wind blows lovely Vianne and her daughter Anouk into the village. And we feel it. The “winds” of change. “Spirit.” The unknown. Excitement. Freedom. Fear. Plus whatever grieving we’re doing as we let go of whatever certainties we need to lose.

What do you want to do?

So, here in the season that’s a pre-season, too, with the coming New Year calling me forward, calling you, how do we invite and embrace the unknown? A focus on energy is one way for me. In fact, I say follow the energy. First by getting present to its ebbs and flows. What wants to rise up within you? And what feels exhausted? Exhausting? As in wants to be over, at least for now. Follow the energy as inner wind tugging you forward.

And it’s worth noting here that we humans often don’t embrace change until we have to. Honestly, we all have our ways of treading water, of staying afloat without rocking the boat. That’s why it takes a big wind to break up the status quo. Then we will still stand there or sit or lie and wait and hold back and turn back and start forward and stop flat, until the moment comes when… we’re… ready. Or ready enough. Because sometimes we just have to leap to learn what we need to know.

Party and plan. Present and future.

This holiday season, relish the known. The now. And especially all our delicious ritual experiences. Meanwhile, in the margins, as big context, keep watching for what wants your attention. Then in moments that feel right, try out some new moves. Put a toe into that growth-and-change dance that it’s time to do. And while you’re dancin’, look around for and enjoy all the fine folks right there with you on the wild, wonderful journey.


Life Coaching with Teresa Young
Photo: John Livzey

Teresa Young wants you living your dream, for real. She coaches by phone, in person in Los Angeles, and via Skype outside the U.S.


Tragedy Makes Us Reflect. It Makes Us Feel so Much That’s All Too Real to Us. Then We Humans Keep Moving Forward. It’s What We Do.

Tragedy Makes Us Feel - Life Coach Teresa Young

While we were all reeling from the tragedy in Thousands Oaks last week, two more California tragedies, the Camp Fire and the Woolsey Fire, began unfolding. And here we are now, our shock even more profound.

Just back from Panama City, Florida, and Hurricane Michael’s devastation, I’m a few weeks into processing an utterly life-changing experience for a community, for loved ones, and for those we don’t know, won’t ever know, but whose sudden suffering stops us in our tracks.

So I want to share with you a bit of what I’m reflecting on right now.

These stories are just beginning.

First, as these stories of tragedy gradually fade from “front page” news, they’re really just beginning. The support that we can and want to give must continue.

That support can come in so many ways, from the deeply personal and truly sacrificial—a shoulder to cry on, housing help for displaced individuals or families—to the simplest quiet actions, like saying yes to adding a small donation to a grocery store bill. I had lunch with a friend today who advised giving directly to individual GoFundMe pages to have an immediate impact.

You need care, too.

And be aware of, be present to, your own pain. Be very, very gentle with and good to yourself and those around you. Consider this gentleness with self and others something you can control in the midst of so much that is out of control. In fact, see the beauty around you. Relish it. Reflect on just how mysterious life really is.

Yes, life is so beautiful.

I was struck over and over while in Panama City by gorgeous days, with weather-related tragedy all around us. By the incongruity of it all. Taking the time to reflect, rather than shutting down all that feeling, is important in finding our way through the experience of devastation. Take time to think. Time to feel. Everything else that considers itself so urgent will still be there.

In the process, in the wise counsel of the Dalai Lama, reflect on your own strength to carry on. Reflect on everything your own life is about. Everything you hope for. The point is to care for yourself toward helping to energize those around you. Your oxygen mask comes first.

Don’t sugarcoat. Do offer hope. And rest.

If you’re directly connected to those directly impacted by these tragedies, do empathize. And do remember to also offer encouragement. To offer hope. Trust your instincts on ways to help that don’t sugarcoat what is in fact tragic, but that do align with that very human activity of carrying on. It’s what we do. We keep going.

And on dark nights, in dark times, we need rest. We all need rest. There will be days and nights when we’ll get it, days and nights when we won’t. But keep giving yourself permission for it. For that oxygen mask. Nourish yourself toward nourishing others.

Thanksgiving matters.

As we come together next week around Thanksgiving tables of all kinds, let’s be truly present to one another. One day at a time, one step at a time. Proceeding, with feeling. Finding our own loving way through tragedy. Finding our own meaning. It’s what we humans do on this wild, ever poignant life journey. As we keep our own little light burning, it can help brighten the way forward for others. For all of us.



Life Coaching with Teresa Young
Photo: John Livzey

Teresa Young wants you living your dream, for real. She coaches by phone, in person in Los Angeles, and via Skype outside the U.S.


In Times of Darkness, Stay On the Path You Know. Just Keep Walking While You Watch for Light.

Life Coaching With Teresa Young In Dark Times Stay On Your Path

I wrote the first version of this piece after the November 2015 Paris attacks. Today, yet again, as all too often of late, we’re trying to process our feelings of shock, grief, and fear after the tragedy in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Horror can sap our souls

When we’re confronted with dark events, dark forces, with terrible, even horrific experiences and images, it’s natural and human to be blindsided. We don’t ever quite become numb to it. And it’s easy to fixate. To lose focus. To lose energy and heart.

Of course this is particularly injurious in dark moments. We can lose the vision of our way forward. We can lose the energy for anything. Our peace of mind, even our belief systems, shattered. Again.

Challenge as solace

In the thick of times of trial, consider that your shattered focus is, yes, still, a gift you don’t have to wait for. The challenge is the way forward. As one great leader famously said during a dark time in human history:

If you’re going through hell, keep going.
—Sir Winston Churchill

This guidance to forge ahead is right on in the fires of fear, pain, and the loss of simple human happiness. Loss of confidence in the next day or week or season for ourselves and our fellow humans.

Today I’m feeling an even more specific spin on this important counsel. It’s something like double down on what matters most to you. Despite anything or everything. Stay focused, or re-focus, or begin to focus, on your highest priorities. Live your values. What you find most meaningful and beautiful.

Walk. Your. Path.

It’s a discipline. Perhaps the ultimate discipline. Maybe challenging enough that you can’t fixate on what would further darken your door and sap your body, mind, and spirit.

Another important wisdom-keeper says it this way:

Do not let the behavior of another destroy your inner peace.
—the Dalai Lama

Be as informed and present to world events as you feel is sustainable for you. Be active in creating change in ways that speak to you. Practice compassion, including self-compassion, and real self-care. And continue jamming on your goals. Then you’re part of the light that humanity needs in order to keep evolving at a critical moment.


Do your good work. Walk your path. And reach out for support that you need. In short, proceed, dear ones. Proceed.


Life Coaching with Teresa Young
Photo: John Livzey

Teresa Young wants you living your dream, for real. She coaches by phone, in person in Los Angeles, and via Skype outside the U.S.