My New Crush: The Work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Part 2 – Essential Concepts

Dr. Joe Dispenza

As a busy life coach always working to keep my own head on straight, the well-validated work of Dr. Joe Dispenza inspires and energizes me big-time. In fact, I say he’s doing some of the most important teaching on the planet these days. It’s changing me and my work with my coaching clients.

So while encouraging my clients to read his books, download his meditations, and more, I also wrote Part 1 of my own introduction to his work. Then I let Part 2 steep a bit while diving deep into his concepts and methods. My goal here is boil all that down to what’s most essential for you to get in this transformative personal power game! If you’re brand new to him, I encourage you to start with Part 1, then meet me back here.

Now, as you read on, truly give yourself permission to hang in here with me. This work requires a new kind of mental discipline. You can put a toe in that world by experimenting with real focus and attention here. Seriously. Consider it a playful challenge from me to beautiful you.

First a recap: what does “you are the placebo” mean?

In my words, from Part 1:

The fact that the placebo effect happens to some humans means we can learn to use it.

The placebo effect occurs because we—our hearts and minds and beliefs—are that powerful. Though maybe not naturally. Maybe not without steady work and real changes to beliefs and habits. To patterns and resulting cycles in our lives.

In fact, I regard Dr. Dispenza’s work so highly because he has mastered the how of this effect. How to apply it in our own lives. I’d say the “how” of personal transformation is his super-power. And he wants all of us in on the transformative action.

So now (drum roll)… let’s get to it.

Meditation is key

Susan’s testimonial is one of hundreds on YouTube. A straight-talking, 72 year-old woman is standing on stage, with Dr. Dispenza seated on a stool across from her. Her story starts with You Are the Placebo arriving in the mail for some reason. She hadn’t ordered it.

She says she quickly thumbed through it before planning to put it on her recycle pile. But then the word Parkinsons popped out. This got her attention. Because she has it.

So she read the whole book. And she started meditating, about three times a week at that point. She expected little, but noticed three things in quick succession:

  1.  While out in her yard one day, she smelled freshly mown grass. Her olfactory sense was returning.
  2.  Then she absentmindedly slipped on both shoes while standing. She hadn’t been able to do this for some time because one foot had become unresponsive.
  3.  And while showing a friend her bad hand’s involuntary curl, she realized it was functioning normally.

By the time she’s talking on stage with Dr. Dispenza in August 2018, she says she’s at 98% of her physical capability overall. And she never skips meditating. I laughed out loud watching her dance around and kick up her legs at the end of her testimonial.

Oh, and one more thing: Susan’s seminar experience had included a group healing the day before. A topic for another day. Maybe Part 3. :)

Note what you’re thinking right… now

As you take in Susan’s experience, is there a “split” in your view of what we’ll call the body/mind? Like the mind is one thing, and the body is something else entirely? With our minds as super-computers that drive our increasingly “used car” bodies around, while physician-mechanics try to maintain them?

And yet these days we know that stress affects our physical health. Right? We know that our mental health affects our bodies. That depression depresses the immune system.

On the flip side, we also know that premiere athletes and performers of all kinds use mental techniques to heighten physical performance. So stay with me here.

But meditating how, exactly?

First, know this: these meditation techniques are specific. Dr. Dispenza continues to hone them as his team of researchers and neuroscientists map the affects of meditation on more and more human brains and bodies. The fact is, they’re tracking the successes of his seminar participants all over the world.

I’m struck in particular by one aspect of his technique that I’ll try to describe. Otherwise it may be a bit of a head-scratcher when you first sit for one of his guided meditations.

Inner ‘space’, toward inner calm

Because Dr. Dispenza uses the word space in two ways that pop up right away. In his first use of space, it seems to me that he invites us into a sensory experience. He directs us to be aware of internal space. Space inside our bodies.

Examples include the space between our ears. The space within the throat. Or within the heart center. These are specific points of focus that I think of as micro.

Notice how this differs from working to stop our thoughts, an approach that causes many of us to declare that we just can’t meditate because of our busy minds. Instead… eureka! He directs our busy minds, and very, very specifically.

And on out to ‘outer’ space

In any meditation, Dr. Dispenza then guides us to experience what I think of as a macro focus. The space around the body. The space within the room. And all the way out into the universe.

Evidently, thousands of brain scans show that this switch from internal to external awareness calms brainwave patterns, the central nervous system, and ultimately the body/mind. This shifting focus, from inner to outer and back, teases our minds out of their regular feedback loops of familiar thoughts, feelings, beliefs, expectations, and more. Which prepares us for, well, literally no-thing.

Heading ‘nowhere’

Whaaaaat?, you may be saying. But hang tight. This is so good.

Dr. Dispenza describes this state as getting to “nowhere, no time, nothing, and nobody.” Beyond the bio-chemicals that our body/minds constantly generate based on the past, our old thoughts, beliefs, and experiences.

Because all this familiarity is how we end up in static phases in which our past continues to create our future, and nothing new ever really happens. Or worse: depression and/or disease set in.

In contrast:

In Dr. Dispenza’s work, that transcendent state—beyond all that’s so familiar that we come to associate with ourselves—activates neural processes that bathe the body/mind in healing, re-generating bio-chemicals and electromagnetic currents. These natural elixirs and energetic frequencies promote healthy changes and positive, even transformative, developments.

And I know that’s a lot to take in. Read the bold sentence above again.

Dr. Joe often notes that in his own daily meditations, he doesn’t get up until he reaches a markedly different state than he was in when he sat down. In my view, he means:

  • mentally relaxed, with the brain and nervous system calm
  • emotionally uplifted, which we’ll get into next
  • physically energized from this calm, uplifted experience

This heightened state then sets the stage for the unexpected in terms of inner—and outer—results.

Now. Ready to get down to the core of all this deliciousness?

And on to elevated emotions

Oh, how I love this part! There’s some elevated emotion for you. :) In fact, I believe this concept is the key to transforming our lives with less rather than more effort.

This part of Dr. Joe’s approach seems to me closely aligned with Gregg Braden’s visionary work, which allows me to grasp it in a way that may take time for some folks to get. At least it took time for me.

In truth, I often felt, while trying to understand Gregg’s key ideas, that I would get this one for a second, just to feel it slip through my fingers the next. Through my thinking mind.

So take your time here. This is a very different way of creating change than we’re accustomed to in our rational modern lives.

Now, imagine yourself feeling fantastic. And I do mean emotionally right now, rather than physically. What’s the feeling? As another way to access the idea of elevated emotion, what’s the feeling as you imagine accomplishing what you want most?

A list of elevated emotions follows. Take a moment to really take them in.

Inner Peace
Limitless energy

And down into this power principle

Long story short, achieving and maintaining an elevated emotional state during and beyond meditation changes our body/minds, and thus our lives.

From reading and listening to Gregg Braden’s fundamental ideas since 2014, and now studying this aspect of the work of Dr. Dispenza, I finally really got this key idea. So I’ll state it again in more detail as I’ve come to understand and practice it. And now I’ll fold in the impact that religion has had on many of us so far:

Mainstream religious traditions in the western world include a central error, at least in common practice. One that our increasing access to knowledge of indigenous cultures and ancient spiritual practices is helping us to correct. Because we in the west—and really think about this as you read—tend to consider the words we speak in prayer the actual prayer.

While, in fact, if you’re looking for real results, the feeling is the prayer. The feeling is the point. Elevated emotion infuses our body/minds with an elixir of regenerating bio-chemicals and electromagnetic energy that literally re-charges us, fueling the internal fire with which we pursue our goals.

Wow. Game-changer!!

Unconditional power

In fact, the most important act of power we can take on is to maintain elevated emotional states, living and working and pursuing our goals within them. Not allowing our emotional states to be conditional. Not operating from an “I’ll feel good someday when…” way of moving through life in which we believe all will be wonderful once—after—this or that occurs. That’s backwards.

Again, eureka! The. Feeling. Comes. First.

The feeling generates power. It generates results, through the actions we’re then inspired and energized to take. Delicious! Right?!

Pause here. Reflect on that. It’s an approach that takes real time and exploration to hold onto. Because we’ve all been taught and trained by individuals, organizations, and institutions around us to “do life” very, very differently.

Then welcome yourself to a whole new level of personal effectiveness.  Welcome to your new superpower to create and enjoy the wild, wonderful journey of your precious life!

The work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, with feeling :)

It may be hard to believe, but there is so much more I could explore here of Dr. Dispenza’s truly revolutionary work. Instead, I’ll pass the baton to you. I heartily encourage you to dive into this delicious, potentially transformative mode of being, thinking, feeling, and taking action. After all, why not, right? As you live your dream. For real.

Teresa Young


My New Crush: The Work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Part 1 – Introduction

You Are the Placebo - Life Coach Teresa Young explores Dr. Joe Dispenza's work

Anybody who works with me knows I’m fascinated by the brain. By how it works, and how to train it. So it makes sense that I would eventually find the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Dr. Dispenza’s name popped up in my YouTube feed sometime in 2018, while my family was in the midst of some intense challenges. And I was instantly intrigued. For one thing, I’ve long been a fan of his colleague Gregg Braden‘s work at the crossroads of science and spirituality, and of his colleague Bruce Lipton’s important contributions to the new science of epigenetics.

Then I saw the title of Dr. Dispenza’s second book, You Are the Placebo. And boom! Lightning-strike. I had to get down into it and find out exactly what he’s up to.

Because I’ve always wondered why we humans have been so casual about the placebo effect. For example, check out this definition on


1a.    A usually pharmacologically inert preparation prescribed more for the mental relief of the patient than for its actual effect on a disorder

1b.    An inert or innocuous substance used especially in controlled experiments testing the efficacy of another substance (such as a drug)

2.      Something tending to soothe


Really? A big piece of info is missing there. Because during drug trials in pharmaceutical research, a placebo always affects a statistically significant percentage of participants like an actual drug would. Again, and really think about this: the placebo has the effect on some folks that they expect the drug to have.

Whoa. Tell me that isn’t fascinating!

And what does it mean? And how can we humans harness whatever that’s about? Cut to the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza.

But first, let’s go back to

placebo effect

Improvement in the condition of a patient that occurs in response to treatment but cannot be considered due to the specific treatment used


That’s more on point, right? Now what does Dr. Dispenza have to say on the subject?

The following is a fantastic intro to his use of the placebo effect from an interview with Brian Rose of London Real. It will take seven minutes of your time. Then meet me back here. For real. :)


The best part: why this matters to you and me

If you heard that interview, the thinkers among you already get it, at least conceptually. For folks who function more on instinct or feeling, consider this: the fact that the placebo effect happens to some humans means we can learn to use it.

The placebo effect occurs because we—our hearts and minds and beliefs—are that powerful. Though maybe not naturally. Maybe not without steady work and real changes to beliefs and habits. To patterns and resulting cycles in our lives.

In fact, I regard Dr. Dispenza’s work so highly because he has mastered the how of this effect. How to apply it in our own lives.

How, indeed:  his story

And yes, as is often the case with important innovators, Dr. Dispenza broke through to exciting new ground in terms of his own beliefs—and resulting possibilities—through a personal crisis. Because in 1986, as a young chiropractor living and working in L.A., he was hit by an SUV while biking in a triathlon in Palm Springs.

He wound up face down in traction with six crushed vertebrae. Several surgeons said he needed steel rods inserted down the length of his spine to ever, possibly, walk again. You can hear his story in his own words here.

But the bottom line is that he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Over the course of three months, since he had nothing to do but lie there anyway, he worked on his own shattered back. And long story short, he healed and resumed his life.

Ready for what may feel even more “woowoo” to you?

And here’s where the story may really test the boundaries of your beliefs: Dr. Dispenza worked on his back through meditation, visualization, and what I’ll call prayer. I’m not sure he would use that word.

Because one thing “Dr. Joe” says repeatedly is that science is the new spirituality. Quantum physics brought everything together over the past fifty years or more in ways that are just now trickling down to us regular folks.

So he steers clear of language that may alienate people for varying reasons. And his team of researchers and neuroscientists constantly document the startling results his advanced seminar participants are getting all over the world.

Now, before you say, whoa, too weird, I’m out, remember the placebo effect. In my own words:


Dr. Dispenza’s groundbreaking work with the placebo effect shows that, using belief in a possibility, focused attention, and elevated emotion, we can achieve an energetic dynamic that creates the results we want.


For three decades, Dr. Joe Dispenza has been learning how to apply what he learned in his own extreme life circumstance to the lives of others. These days he and his team are working and taking data all over the globe. Which means, in this age of instant information, all that goodness is available to us.

To be continued

So I’ll end Part 1 with this link to a longer interview with Dr. Dispenza on his revolutionary work. Next, in Part 2, I break down some essential concepts that may be a lot to take in initially. I recommend reading it, especially if you’re attracted to diving into his meditation techniques before you read or hear him directly.

After all, why not get busy on these power principles toward achieving your own beautiful goals? As you truly live your dream. For real.

Teresa Young


Creative Life, Meet the Chakras: How Creativity is Good for Your Health

Creativity is Good for Your Health - Life Coaching with Teresa Young

Why connect creativity and your health?

You may be thinking, what’s one got to do with the other? Well, the beautiful truth is, a lot.

Because we’re all born creative. We just express our creativity in different ways. Through the Arts, yes, but also in our own unique approach to whatever we enjoy doing.

That means anything and everything. Livelihood. Cooking. Parenting. Fashion!

Are  you a video game designer? An EMT? A teacher? Creativity shows itself in every profession.

When we’re creatively engaged in life, we’re happily engaged. We’re satisfied. 100% in it, whatever it is. In the zone. Busy being ourselves.

And guess what? This is what work in the 21st century will be about, according to thinkers like Daniel Pink in his bestseller, Drive.

Pink makes the case that, as outsourcing and technology continue to replace us in many work arenas, our creative capabilities will become the surest routes to our livelihoods. Rings true to me. How about you?

OK, so where’s the wellness?

Aw we all know, there are all kinds of adages these days about loving what you do and doing what you love. And for good reason. It makes sense to us that living and working in ways that matter to us will affect the course of our lives.

When that’s the case, our energy, our life force, flows, rather than clogging from chronic frustration, bleeding out from too many forced yesses, or just flat-lining from freaking boredom. Yikes.

Creative life, meet the chakras

So to shed more light on creativity and health, we’ll spend some time here on the chakra system. We’ll go deep into the happy dance between creativity and wellness, because I say our happiness matters, my dears, and that it’s right here, available for the taking if we take our own creative lives seriously.

And if the chakras are new to you, there’s a nice piece on the main ones here at But stay with me ’til I’ve made my creative case. :)

It starts here. In my words:


As we express ourselves in the world,
our chakras—the fields of energy
spinning in several areas around and
through our bodies—are helped
in their healthy flow.


So let’s start at the top and move down to the ground of our body/minds.

7th Chakra Health

Through contact with our personal creative fire, we tap into collective creative consciousness. Into universal intelligence. Whoa! Right?

And no worries at all if this is foreign to you. We don’t have to be 100% into this level of awareness to reap its benefits, as long as we aren’t actively, adamantly closed in our thinking.

So just stay open, deliciously, to the mysteries and benefits of living your creative life fully. Just trust that it’s good for you. And stay with me.

6th Chakra Health

Because when your particular creative urges have an honored place in your imagination, you’re fully “at play” in visioning your life. As you dream in sync with your own deep creative needs and visions, your third eye, the deep wisdom source in all of us, is active, open, and vibrating

In short, as you dare to dream creatively, your body/mind responds in kind. Inspiration is clean fuel, my dears. Now let’s pull it downward toward actionable grounding in our lives.

5th Chakra Health

Toward creativity and health, the next step is for our creative inspirations to take their place in our outer lives, rather than just in the privacy of our imaginations. This takes our acts of will. Our clear intentions and committed follow-through.

This satisfying way of living takes speaking our truth in life. About who we are. About what we want to contribute.

We don’t have to be the best at it, or famous for it. We just have to risk being ourselves. To act on that. To passionately, actively be, in the world, who we really are

And not just once a year on summer vacation, but as part of the daily round of our days and nights. Beautiful. And good for us!

Creativity is Good for Your Health - Life Coaching with Teresa Young

4th Chakra Health

Further, we can say that healthy creative expression is love in action. Because the heart chakra opens when we act in the world as who we really are.

Living as our real selves is a way of giving to life. Then we’re fed in return by humbly creating livelihoods around our passions. By contributing ourselves to life.

And that’s inspiring. Right?

If it seems daunting, consider that it may mean living simply. And of course our materialistic culture doesn’t exactly encourage that. But so what? Be counter-cultural. Imagine your open-hearted, creative life. Then scale down as needed.

This is healthy for the 4th chakra. Healthy for our hearts, that powerful engine of our bodies with its own deep intelligence.  How can we keep our 4th chakra spinning happily by living in ways that contribute lovingly to life?

3rd Chakra Health

Next, as we go deeper, closer to the ground of our lives, the truth is that living our unique contribution to life takes personal power. It takes consistent output. And it takes regular self-renewal, my dears. We can’t fake this combo, or we end up outa gas

On the other hand, if we’re living and working in satisfying, healthy, balanced ways, we’re coming from core, as they say in yoga class. This makes everything we want possible.

In short, we have to own both our personal power and our responsibility to take extraordinary care of ourselves. That’s a 3rd chakra gig, my dears. Creativity and health, indeed.

2nd Chakra Health

Now, as we live our inner creative fire, allowing it to design our outer lives, we access healthy 2nd chakra energy. It’s a sense of well-being, abundance, and gratitude. Pleasure. Sensuality. Relationship.

This is gut energy. Cojones and ovarios energy. Intuition, attraction, satisfaction, and self-expression fully at play in our lives. 

And yes, living this way definitely affects our love lives. A nagging sense that something is missing in our relationships could be right on the money, with that something being… well… us! Because our creative satisfaction brings fire to any relationship dance we’re doing. 

Speaking of money, it’s a 2nd chakra issue, too. “If you build it they will come” and “do what you love and the money will follow” are both 2nd chakra mantras. Time, faith, and committed, balanced, relaxed action are a healthy 2nd chakra combo.

1st Chakra Health

1st chakra health grounds our body/minds in life.

When we design our lives to support our creative self-expression, including how we live, pay our bills, and nourish ourselves, literally and figuratively,  we can truly walk our talk in the world. We’re in healthy relationship to life.

Yes, the grounded path we deserve to walk wants to be satisfying, rather than a 4-alarm fire. Rather than constant, adrenaline-fueled crisis mode. Try not hurrying. Try trusting your process. Just calmly note and calmly follow the flow of your energy.

Where is your life force headed this season if you trust it? Think and feel your way. And get yourself some expert support if confusion or fear are zapping your energy.

So keep on keepin’ on in your creative life

In the midst of it all, keep those creative juices flowing, my dears, including right on out into the real world. Don’t save it for someday.

Express yo’self in healthy, satisfying ways today, tomorrow, next week. As central to your beautiful life. Because I say you being the real you is your contribution. And since that’s good for you and for all of us, it’s definitely win-win.

Teresa Young


Gregg Braden and His “15 Keys to Conscious Creation”

Gregg Braden's 15 Keys to Conscious Creation - Life Coaching with Teresa Young

My explorer friends Ricardo Accorsi and Linda Parker introduced me to the wild work of Gregg Braden. I took these notes at the end of 2014. I was reflecting on my year while listening to the last chapter of his audiobook, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief.

Gregg Braden’s work excites me because he integrates cutting-edge science with ancient wisdom traditions. He writes about all that beautifully. And he’s a powerful narrator.

So I say the resulting coaching can help us shift beliefs and patterns to create what we want most in our precious lives. As you read, imagine applying these “15 Keys of Conscious Creation” to your life and goals.

And FYI, this is rich brew. Sip it. Take your time. Take a break! Then come back. It’ll be here.

An In-Depth Summary

So first, and very importantly, Gregg Braden says that our beliefs become the software that programs our reality. That’s a strong statement, right? I get instantly curious, like a gong has sounded deep in my heart and mind.


Our beliefs become the software
that programs our reality. 

— Gregg Braden


Of course Gregg isn’t the first person to say something like this. Though his use of software as an image works unusually well for me. But what’s most impressive to me is his thoughtful synthesis of decades of scientific research with the teachings and practices of ancient wisdom traditions.

And keep the book title in mind as you read further. The Spontaneous Healing of Belief is all about getting conscious of what we believe, what those beliefs may be creating or blocking, and consciously working at the level of belief to tip the scales toward whatever our hearts desire most.

15 Keys to Conscious Creation

The 15 keys that follow are about change. Gregg declares that as we humans come to understand and practice these keys, we experience transformation. This also changes the world around us.

He says to reflect on each key, taking the time to really think them through and make them your own. Don’t be deceived by the fact that they seem simple.

1.  The universe is an intelligent field of energy.

Gregg first trained and worked as a geologist, then as a senior computer technologist in the defense industry at the close of the cold war. He has since studied and interviewed many of the great masters of science and spirit, traveled extensively to cultures with deep wisdom traditions, and come to the conclusion above.

He knows he’s in good company with many of the world’s leading physicists and biologists working at the forefront of the evolutionary sciences for the past forty years. In The Spontaneous Healing of Belief, Gregg summarizes what he calls “paradigm shattering” findings, including decades-old research that didn’t fit the scientific mindset of its time and was disregarded. And he tells these stories well.

Gregg Braden's 15 Keys to Conscious Creation - Life Coaching with Teresa Young

2.  Everything is connected to everything else in the field, and the implications of that are vast.

Gregg shares the results of mind-bending research, like a photon that was split in two, with the halves separated for observation in labs fourteen miles apart. One half was then changed in ways that instantly—note that “instantly” is key—affected the other. No waiting due to so-called realities like time and distance.

Consider what this means. Or at least try to.

3.  Unleashing the power of the universe takes first experiencing ourselves within it, as fully connected and part of that intelligent field, rather than alone and outside of it.

How many of us feel, deep down, alone in the world? Yet a profound shift is underway in scientific interpretations of the world and our place in it. This new “quantum knowledge” hasn’t even made it into textbooks yet. There’s no universal name for it yet.

Gregg uses “the divine matrix.” Other scientists call it “the field”, or “universal intelligence.” Take time to think about this key. Adopting it consciously really does change everything.

4.  Once something is joined together, it will always be connected.

What comes to mind as you read this, from your own history? Play with it. Pray with it.

Because in this mindset your prayers connect with their mark instantly. And not just as sweet thoughts and wishes, but as usable energy.

I was frankly uninterested in considering anything like this key for years. Now, as I re-edit this piece in 2019, I’m inspired by its potential power and humbled by my own recent life experience.

Gregg Braden's 15 Keys to Conscious Creation - Life Coaching with Teresa Young

5.  The act of observation is an act of creation. Consciousness is a creative act.

Imagine this. Again, it changes everything. Our attention to the largest and smallest details of our lives is a creative act. An act of power. And I do mean the good kind.

Gregg has organized proof of this key and explains it in ways that energize me and entice me forward. I get a sense of creating minus the over-the-top, often exhausting “efforting” than many of us bring to our most closely held goals.

6.  We each have all the power we need to create the change we choose in the world.

Consider this. Imagine it. Meanwhile, truth be told, despite Gregg saying these keys make sense sequentially, one building on the other, I need the ones that come next to really get this one.

Because when it comes to language anything like “creating our own reality”, I still tend to get annoyed. But the strong context Gregg creates helps me. So I’m movin’ on to the juicy stuff ahead.

7.  The focus of our feelings becomes the reality of our world. We’re creating from our hearts, not our minds.

I’ll repeat the first part of that so you don’t breeze by it.


The focus of our feelings becomes
the reality of our world. 

— Gregg Braden


Topics like the conscious use of feeling are huge in Gregg’s work. As he tells it, more and more data proves that “who we are” is not, in fact, contained in the brain. And that the heart regularly sends far more info to the brain than vice versa. These days I find this utterly fascinating.

8.  Simply saying what we believe isn’t enough. We have to follow through in all the ways that allow us to embody our beliefs in the ways we live.

Again, I feel like these keys are interdependent. The next one informs this one, and the two before it, in ways that make a difference to me.

Meanwhile, as a couple of examples, we can’t stump for world peace in any meaningful way while hating the guy in the next cubicle. We can’t tape affirmations to the bathroom mirror and expect them to change our lives while continuing self-sabotaging habits. Actually embodying our beliefs is another matter entirely.

Beliefs that we consciously choose must inform our habits and feelings. It’s sacred work. A joyful discipline.

Gregg Braden's 15 Keys to Conscious Creation - Life Coaching with Teresa Young

9.  The feeling that comes from what we believe is a language in itself, a language that the field of consciousness recognizes.

Stop, rewind, repeat. Reflect.

I actually love this key. It’s what got me excited about Gregg’s work. I get it. I forget it. Then I get it back again. It feels new, like a missing piece nobody was teaching when I was a young trainee in “how life works.”

The feeling that comes from what we believe is… powerful! So to make change in the world, intend, imagine, feel, and believe in what you want most.

Engage your heart. Feel the feeling of accomplishing what you want. Feel the wonder of that. Gratitude for it. And live in those feelings, now. No waiting!

Work, play, and create from there for maximum impact. I find this very, very freeing. Brilliant, really.

And don’t skip your nuts-and-bolts to-do list in the process. Just tackle it enjoyably. To me, this is a life-changing shift from using will power and a mindset like forging ahead despite all obstacles. It hits me like a great big wave of energy.

10.  Not just any feeling or quality of consciousness will do; creative consciousness comes from a non-ordinary state.

Gregg describes this non-ordinary state as without ego concerns. Without attachment to outcome. Without judgments about what it will all mean if what we want isn’t in fact realized.

So as we take on the feeling of what we want, without judgment or attachment, our belief and the quality of our energy and feeling begin to create the changes we seek. There’s paradox here, right? Intention without attachment. I like it.

Gregg Braden's 15 Keys to Conscious Creation - Life Coaching with Teresa Young

11.  We must become in our lives what we choose to experience in our world.

These days I experience this key as a challenge to live my life as the contribution I intend to make. This includes keeping my own energy high. Imagine consistently living within the power of our imaginations, through our intentions. And through our hearts.

Through feeling, intent to make a difference, gratitude, and wonder. To me, this is about the continuing evolution of our species.

12.  We are not bound by the limits of traditional physics and biology as we know them today.

As you can imagine, this key has immense implications for how our lives could unfold. Indeed, I sense freedom here.

Freedom from a determinism that has been bleeding into modern life more and more. Freedom from the 21st century version of a mechanistic framework for everything.

I find this key is so intriguing. And I haven’t mentioned genetics yet and the emerging science of epigenetics.

Gregg’s focus on the work of biologists like Dr. Bruce Lipton is paradigm-shattering. It’s a relief to step back from the abyss of genetic determinism to Gregg’s life-giving synthesis of old and new knowledge.

Gregg Braden's 15 Keys to Conscious Creation - Life Coaching with Teresa Young

13.  We are holographic beings, and we create holographically.

So the quality of our consciousness creates the universe. The quality of our inner world affects our outer world. Our households, families, neighborhoods and workplaces. Our communities and beyond.

As we do our work, healing, growing, and becoming more and more conscious of our impact on everyone and everything around us, we co-create the world. Beautiful.

14.  The instant we create our prayers and good wishes for our loved ones, they’re already at their destination.

This is the power of living in a holographic universe. Imagine, then, the power of our thoughts. Of our emotions. Of our prayers. This mindset allows us to generate more power than ever before. With much less helplessness, fear, and frustration.

Consider that we’re responsible for becoming conscious of beliefs that darken our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Imagine the creativity of living within this powerful belief. Then get busy exploring it!

Gregg Braden's 15 Keys to Conscious Creation - Life Coaching with Teresa Young

15.  The world around us is nothing more and nothing less than a mirror of what we become from within.

The “field” that makes up our universe, or the divine matrix, in Gregg’s words, is a container for our experience, and a bridge to what we want to realize. It’s also a mirror of our inner lives.

If we have the curiosity, the wisdom, and the courage to explore what that mirror is showing us, we have the power to learn very quickly. We can adopt beliefs and live in emotions that will help us create what we want and deserve.

And note that this isn’t the panacea of “positive thinking”, like sweet icing we try to spread over everything. We all have real work to do here.

But imagine this approach becoming doable as we open ourselves, through doing our own individual, joyful work, to what will make the difference. As we truly take that on.


Spontaneous Healing of Belief


In Gregg’s words, individually each of these keys is fascinating. Together they tell an important story, and they build a powerful internal technology. It’s the power to create through our imaginations. Through allowing what we imagine to become real in the world around us.

Gregg says that consciousness is a measurable force. With it, we have everything we need to create what we wants in our lives beyond the realms of reason and logic.


With the power of consciousness,
we can transcend the limits of our
own past beliefs. Remember, we are
the art as well as the artists. It all
begins with healing our beliefs.

— Gregg Braden


So I’ll end the way I began: this is wild work. I hope you’ve enjoyed my little introductory summary. Let me know how it lands in your heart. How it moves you to move forward.