Ready to Design Your Way to Your Artful Life? First Believe in Life. Then Trust Yourself.

Believe in Life - Life Coaching with Teresa Young

Indeed, are you ready to design your life?


To be an artist is to believe in life.
— Henry Moore


These words of wisdom from sculptor Henry Moore made my night. I’ve been thinking a lot about the relationship between creativity and health. About all the ways we creative types have to express ourselves in modern life. All the freedom we have to do so.

Though I’m not saying it’s easy. If so, would it, as Kurt Vonnegut said about practicing any art, make our souls grow?

In fact, part of the deliciousness of creative expression may be in meeting those challenges. Inner and outer. Short term and long term.

And doesn’t that sound a lot like just designing and living a vibrant life? In truth, the point is really to be fully ourselves. And to act on whatever truly makes our hearts sing. Yes! Deep breath.

That means putting the parts and pieces of our lifestyle together with all that in mind. Honoring our creative lives. Placing them front and center.

And, as Henry Moore said, the creative project of our lives is no doubt aided by believing in life. In the midst of the yin and yang of all things. Be that person. Take that stand.

Design your life from there. Beautiful, yes?

And what tends to get in the way? That’s oh, so human, right? Let me know. I’m here, in your creative corner.


Life Coach Teresa Young

Live Your Dream Podcast Episode 2: Time to… Trust. For Real.

My podcast Live Your Dream for Real, episode 2, is live on iTunes. In this one, covering more of what I’ll call foundational terrain, I get into trusting yourself and the flow of your life. Oh, and I don’t mean from some “Pollyanna Lalaland” perspective. Check it out:

Walking your talk and staying the course

So on your path, day to day, as you work on your dream, or at envisioning one that feels right, like you being you in life, how do you stay on that path, enjoyably, and sustainably?

Right now—or really as I was dreaming up the first draft of this episode—I’m out walking, visiting my mom and dad in their lovely neighborhood in the deep south. Specifically, I’m walking on what looks like a flat curb next to the road. It isn’t elevated. And it’s only about 12 inches wide. Maybe 10.

So that could represent the way it may feel at certain stages to walk your path. Maybe it feels narrow; maybe you feel vulnerable, not quite safe, not quite sure it’s sustainable. You may feel like you can easily veer off to the left or right, especially while working things out with the other people in your life.

Well, here’s the deal:

Trust, baby. Trust.

It partly becomes a matter of trust. Time to trust the flow of your life. And more: time to trust the unknowable future that, yep, may unfold in ways we aren’t expecting. Trust in the reality that it’s OK to be OK with that.

Because we can be committed to a path without being attached, clutchingly, blindly, to it. Right? In fact, does the word itself, “trust”, invite a little breath of relaxation into your being? Or the opposite: does it incite a bit of panic, like, oh, my gosh, could I ever really do that?

With good work to do

It’s a matter of trust in and acceptance of the fact that who you’re being on any given day—in any given week and month and season of your life—impacts the results that you’re getting and will get.

So in terms of solid foundational work, this is a core truth that I want to get into your thinking today. Something seemingly as “simple” as trusting in life, and the relaxation that giving ourselves permission to trust can bring, in fact impacts what we are able to create.

That’s both the good news and the challenge, right? Right. Now dive on into my podcast episode 2 for more on trust. And share your questions with me here. :)


Life Coaching with Teresa Young
Photo: John Livzey

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