Ready for Some SuRpriSe in Your Life?

Invite Surprise with Life Coach Teresa Young

Hungry to change things up someway? 

When’s the last time you got a surprise from someone, or from Life itself? And I do mean the good kind.

Can’t remember? Ready to change that? Well, then it’s time to invite some surprise into your life.

Because the truth is that often, for all our talk of wanting more of this or a different that, we tend to travel the same well-worn paths over and over. We “soldier on”, acting out habits that have grown stale.

And those habits may include ignoring casual daydreams—or rich fantasies—of adventure or change. Instead, we stay in our well-worn lanes.

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Time to Take Time to Imagine Your Goals Anew.

Imagine Your Life - Life Coaching with Teresa Young

What do you want right now, in this “empty” season?

Welcome to this little bit of time out. Time to ponder. To imagine your goals anew. It’s a form of play that can, well, change your life! So stay with me here.

I’m thinking about my own ongoing progress toward my heartfelt goals. And I’m ever and again surprised by my changing priorities. New drives and dreams that I couldn’t have predicted a year ago are front and center now. Can you relate? Continue reading “Time to Take Time to Imagine Your Goals Anew.”

My Podcast, Episode 1: Live YOUR Dream, My Dears. For Real.

I’m excited to roll out my new Live Your Dream for Real podcast, episode 1. In fact, it represents me living my dream. :)

I don’t know where this is going

First, I believe coaching others is an inherently creative act. So I’m stepping into the unknown here, with this blank canvas. The truth is, I’m starting this new endeavor not knowing exactly where it’s going every step of the way from here! And more, I say this is relevant to coaching others to live their dreams. Relevant in the realm of meaning and satisfaction in adult life, work, and relationships. Including our relationship to self. Our relationship to life. Continue reading “My Podcast, Episode 1: Live YOUR Dream, My Dears. For Real.”