Why in the World Would You Want (and Deserve) Life Coaching?

First some truth: there was a time when I regularly asked myself, “why life coaching?”

Because, honestly, I cringed at the term. Despite my passion for the profession, I tap-danced all around that particular phrase when describing what I feel privileged to do. It was funny, really. Life coaching just felt cliché.

But then one intense day, a very special lady in my life, my elderly mother, unexpectedly ended all that. She got down to the essence of things the way moms do, saying, “Why beat around the bush? You’re a life coach.”

Great big wave of her little hand. Great big emphasis on life while—more truth here—at the end of her own. So, instead of feeling annoyed by her opinion, it was instant goose-bump city for me. Long story short, cut to now:  I’m a life coach.

So what is life coaching, really?

A few weeks ago I happened onto an insightful article about coaching. The author provided short definitions for different types. But her take on life coaching felt narrow to me. She described it as being about personal change, with niches within it like youth, addiction, and divorce.

Of course that’s all good. Just not quite integrative enough in my book. Instead, I see life coaching as a powerful context in which to support the growth and goals of committed clients. It’s a much broader context than just the “personal”, whatever that actually means.

For me, life coaching is an opportunity to develop the whole person who we each are, toward maximum effectiveness and fulfillment. Here’s more of what I mean:

Imagine our lives as a path we’re each walking, one that’s uniquely ours to walk. Imagine how focusing on your individual path—where you’re heading, and why, and howcan generate clarity, courage, and energy.


Imagine our lives as a path
we’re each
 walking, one that’s
uniquely ours to walk.


The point is a healthy, overarching sense of mission and meaning. The point may also be to create balance between the personal, the professional, the creative, and the spiritual, with body, mind and spirit “weighing in.”

So I see life coaching as soulful support through which all the different aspects of our lives can come together beautifully. Because then, when our dreams, goals, and lifestyles align with the best, deepest, wisest parts of us, we’re truly good to go. Then look out, world!

Life coaching is 21st century savvy in action.

After all, the 21st century is an extraordinary time to be alive. Our opportunities to create lives that truly express and delight us are only limited by what we can first imagine, then get busy realizing. And that’s great news, right?

On the flip side, so many choices and so much expectation can be paralyzing, or at least intimidating. To achieve our dreams, we must at some point begin to narrow, define, and refine them. And in present time, not based on who we were in some version of the past.


When our dreams align with the
best, deepest, wisest parts of us,
then look out, world!


Instead, what feels right now? What energizes and inspires us? What do we truly want most in our heart of hearts?

The season comes to get clear on that, to commit, and to jam on nuts-and-bolts action planning. And then to follow through. It’s nitty-gritty time. Though I’ll add for good measure that every bit of all that can be enjoyable and satisfying.

That’s why, in the midst of so much choice, and to get set for all that busy-ness, savvy 21st century folks call on coaches. It’s a lot like athletes honing their game. Imagine a team—or a star player—without a coach. You just know it’s wrong. Right?

But life coaches don’t direct the action.

Yep, there’s a big difference between coaching for sports and coaching for life. Because sports coaches usually write the plays, decide who starts when and where, and direct all manner of things.

But effective life coaches aren’t drill sergeants who whip you into shape. They aren’t mentors who advise you based on a path they’ve walked. They aren’t allies like my sweet mother who share opinions that may or may not be relevant.

Instead, I say great life coaches are more like midwives. A great life coach is with you in the work at hand, stimulating, challenging, inspiring, encouraging, and championing you, while you labor over and in due time give birth to whatever wants to be born in and through you.


Why life coaching? Because
you’re worthy
of everything
you want to be and contribute.


Because you, dear one, are ultimately the one with the answers. And great life coaches know this. They believe in the inherent wisdom of their clients. They believe in the uniqueness and beauty of their purposes and paths.

Great life coaches stand for all that in you, for the unknown in you. They stand in that place of promise with you while you develop and then tell that story, the story only you can write. The story of you living your chosen life.

Life coaching is big, big picture.

What’s more, I say great life coaches support, protect, and celebrate your overall development. So that ultimately you get to contribute to life in the ways that suit you best, and most sustainably, supported by life in return. And I say there isn’t much that’s more beautiful than that.


Life coaches believe in
the uniqueness
 and beauty of
their clients’ purposes and paths. 


Long story short, why in the world would you want life coaching? Because. It. Works. Holistically. And why do you deserve it? Because you’re beautiful, and precious, and unique. Unrepeatable. Worthy of everything you’d love to be and contribute.

So, if  you know in your heart and mind that all signs point to get going, take the plunge. Snag yourself a coach. Because you, my dear—and I do mean you—deserve the life you’ll be thrilled to live.