Ready for Some SuRpriSe in Your Life?

Hungry to change things up someway? 

When’s the last time you got a surprise from someone, or from Life itself? And I do mean the good kind.

Can’t remember? Ready to change that? Well, then it’s time to invite some surprise into your life.

Because the truth is that often, for all our talk of wanting more of this or a different that, we tend to travel the same well-worn paths over and over. We “soldier on”, acting out habits that have grown stale.

And those habits may include ignoring casual daydreams—or rich fantasies—of adventure or change. Instead, we stay in our well-worn lanes.

Let’s face it, change may not be the most natural thing.

Basically, we humans fear change. There’s often no real reason why not to make one. Besides our natural fears, it’s just that we’ve perhaps always lived the way we’re living. Or it’s how we’ve watched the folks around us “do life.” Besides, our routines are comforting, right? They work.

Or do they? Maybe the truth is no. Or somewhere in between.


We tend to travel the same
 paths over and over.


So, to get real about getting beyond the status quo, welcome the element of surprise into your life. Get curious about the unknown. About that part of you that may be waiting for its turn at bat, on the dance floor, or out snorkeling.

Or how about hiking Mount Kilimanjaro? Not me! But maybe you?

Time to invite in the new.

Take a different route to work. Make a point to notice things along the way. Say yes! when you usually say no, or instead of that famous decision-in-no-decision:  we’ll see.

Sit quietly if you usually don’t. Head out for a walk without a purpose. Call a friend without anything on your mind to say. Wear something really different for you.

Speak to someone very different from you on the subway, or on that deadly dull commuter flight. Enliven the seemingly mundane by nothing other than your intent to mix things up.

Let the unknown call you out today, in surprising ways.

Book that trip. Take that class. Ask for that raise! Stay determined to keep growing. Be willing to change. To let things around you change. Even to let things get a little messy as they do.


Be willing to change. To let
things around you change.


Try saying no to things, too. See and feel where different choices take you. And pay attention to whatever coincidences or unexpected opportunities pop up then. Because I’m declaring to you right now, they will.

After all, you deserve an amazing life, with everything in it that you want most. So invite surprise in for surprising developments. And let me know how it goes!