Ready to live your dream?

As you consider this “welcome” question, what arises in your heart and mind?
Quiet longings? Deeply held wishes?

Imagine accomplishing what you want most. What’s the feeling? Take a moment to identify it, then hold onto it while you read further.

Next, just state your dream clearly and simply, without conditions.


My dream is to make my art my work.
My dream is
peace of mind.
… a job that I love.
… to own my own business.
… to have an inspiring vision for my life.
… vibrant health.
… an amazing relationship.


Now, remember the wonderful feeling you identified above? Ready to live into it? It’s time to get down to the deliciousness you deserve.

Ready for what you want,
including clarity?


Welcome to Life Coaching Testimonials with Teresa Young

Welcome. To. Your. Future.
Let’s get busy.


About Me

Life Coaching with Teresa YoungI’m Teresa Young, lifelong explorer of the human journey. Certified coach, musician, private teacher, and wife, mama, and nana, I’ve worked in corporate, educational, entrepreneurial, and creative settings. For profit. Non-profit. Fortune 100. Bootstrap. I’ve experienced terror-filled transitions and transformations. And I’m so grateful now for every part of my rich life. I use it all in providing coaching.

Because from a young age, I saw my future as a white-haired woman in conversation with others. I just haven’t graduated to white-haired yet. :) Continue reading “About Me”

Life Coaching Services


Live-Your-Dream Life Coaching Phone Intro

This is a chance for us to connect, voice to voice. We’ll talk about possible ways of working together. As we do, we’ll get a sense of each other. Do we feel like a fit for life coaching services? We’ll answer this exciting question together.

Life Coaching with Teresa Young



Live-Your-Dream Life Coaching Services

In this kickass collaboration, I coach and champion you as you begin work on what you want most. You get busy actually creating it.

We work first in weekly 45-minute phone sessions, later moving to every other week, with text and email support in between. During the no-charge intro call I mentioned above, we’ll set the estimated duration and fees for your passion project: whether six months, nine months, a year, 18 months, or more. Note: you may be able to claim this service as an expense.

You get consistent, energetic support. Active listening. Empowering questioning. Action planning. You commit to 110% engagement. To taking action. And we’ll celebrate your large and small successes along the way.

We may start with the Energy Leadership Index™ , a powerful assessment that you take online in about 20 minutes. You get a written report via email in about 24 hours. It shows how you tend to use your energy, both when things are going well and when you’re feeling stressed. This amazing info takes our work together deep, fast.

Life Coaching with Teresa Young




Continue reading “Life Coaching Services”

Contact Me

Live Your Dream, For Real - Life Coaching with Teresa Young





Time to get this conversation—and your great work—going, either below, or via +1 (888) 884-2482.




Life Coaching with Teresa Young


Life Coaching with Teresa Young


Life Coaching with Teresa Young

(888) 884-2482  |  https://teresayoung.com
P. O. Box 280192
Los Angeles, CA 91324



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