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Life Coaching with Teresa Young
Teresa Young, by John Livzey


I’m Teresa Young. Life coaching with me is about living your dream, for real. About doing life your way, on whatever path is right for you. And there’s a bonus: people get to be in your great energy.  You just being you can help other folks live their dreams, too.

I coach by phone, in person, and via Skype outside the U.S.

Inner to Outer

We all want fulfillment,
whether we’re just setting sail, or after whatever we’ve been up to no longer floats our boat.

Maybe you’re stressed all the time. Or you need to address a health issue. (Gotta do it.) Maybe work is depressing. Your life just isn’t doing it for you. Maybe everything fell apart, or needs to. Maybe you need some inner work to get set for what you’ll get into “out there” next.

What will express you in the world? Now, these days. This year, or next. And that’s the thing: you get to say. Including, “I don’t know yet!”

Then there’s the matter of personal effectiveness. Personal leadership. How’s that going as you want what you want and deserve?

Why life coaching?

Life coaching is for bold folks ready to act on
what they want, rather than just dreaming about it. The more clear you are, the more likely you are to get what you want. And you don’t need to know for all time. Just now. Coaching brings laser beam focus to dreams and goals.

What comes up? What gets in the way? Life coaching is committed, energetic support. An expert in your corner who knows what to do there. It makes the difference in handling fears. Quandaries. Challenges.

What’s the plan? Being coached means you’re gonna take action. Coaching moves you forward. Where you want to be. With you 100% into your life in the ways you want most, the journey really is the destination.

Why a holistic approach?

In a holistic approach, we work with the big, big picture.
The view from 10,000 feet. It’s energizing and inspiring because it skips the superficial stuff.

What. Do. You. Want. In. This. Life? Take time. Go deep. Sort it out, with expert support. The work you do then, the actions you take, will fit the big, deep, bold, real you. The you you want to be.

Ready for what you really want?


Teresa… calls me out in the most beautiful and compelling way, reminding me of what it means to experience higher levels of energy leadership, savoring all that today has to offer while confidently turning visions and goals into realities.

— Karen, Fortune 100 executive, wife, and mom of two little guys


Working with Teresa has greatly improved my quality of life and my ability to navigate obstacles, challenges, and opportunities! Our work together includes mental and energetic tools that have me moving forward powerfully in life.

— Amara, multi-talented millennial busy creating her kickass life


Teresa got me moving when I was stuck in a career transition. Her holistic approach embraces a wide range of pathways to change.

 — Stephen, making a mid-life career change


Teresa has a great presence—both steady and energizing. She has a deep sense of the artful and mysterious in life, which are assets in supporting others as they create new life circumstances.

— Michelle, young creative on the rise

Let’s go!


Life Coaching Services

Ways to proceed include:

An Exploratory Call

This conversation is a chance to connect. To share what you’re thinking about or dreaming of. Already working on. We’ll get a sense of each other. Do we feel like a fit for life coaching services? We’ll ask and answer that together.

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Jam Sessions

You provide written context for these issue-specific coaching conversations. Together we determine the number and length of coaching calls we think we’ll need. Then we jam on what you want to accomplish. You experience firsthand the power of the coaching relationship.

Live-Your-Dream Life Coaching Services

I coach and champion you as you start working right where you are toward where you want to be. I typically coach clients for a year or more in 3-month increments. The point is to actually create what you want, not just dabble in ideas about it.  We work in weekly phone sessions, or via Skype if you’re outside the U.S.

You get consistent, energetic support. Active listening. Empowering questioning. Action planning. And when a particular action is the next step, I hold you accountable! Equally importantly, we celebrate the small and large results you’ll get as you walk your talk toward what you really want.

We may start with the Energy Leadership Index™ (ELI). The ELI is a phenomenal assessment developed by iPEC, the world-class organization I chose for my coaching certification. You take it online in about 20 minutes. Then you get a written report in your email inbox in about 24 hours. It shows how you tend to use your energy, your precious life force, both when things are going pretty well and when you’re stressed. This amazing info takes our conversation deep, fast. Where you want it to be.

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About Teresa Young

Life Coach Teresa Young
Photo by John Livzey, June 2018

I’m Teresa Young, a certified professional coach and lifelong explorer of the human journey.

Passions matter

My first obsessions were musical. I played multiple instruments from the age of 4. Being taken utterly seriously then imprinted on me that passions matter. An education degree was an early pragmatic move that ended up suiting me as a private teacher. I was and am always coaching.

The body/mind/spirit is wise

In 1997 I dove into a 3-year certificate program on the body/mind/spirit connection and what I call holistic health. We are holistic organisms. The body is wise. Its physical issues and symptoms often speak to us about what the mind does not yet get that the spirit needs. The opposite is true, too. Dreams, daydreams, depressions, energy surges, strange attractions, life events and coincidences can all speak what we need to hear if we learn the language. I began coaching others in 2000 with that training.

We know home when we get there

Born in Panama City, Florida, I gradually migrated north to central Connecticut before heading west in 2004. I instantly felt at home in Los Angeles. It seemed like everybody was going after a dream or two. Just my cup of tea.

We humans want growth

My decades-long passion for Carl Jung’s work matters in my story, too. He taught that we humans tend toward growth and development, throughout life. That’s the opportunity. A focus on growth keeps us energized and alive rather than quietly treading water and marking time until… what?

If you’re on the path, you’re at the goal.
—Carl Jung

Living my dream

In 2014, ready for coaching certification now that the field was well established, I looked for the best out there and found The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, or iPEC. It’s one of the finest training organizations in the world. I was blown away by its focus on energy leadership, your use of your precious life force. It fits my knowledge of the body/mind/spirit as an energy system.

In a nutshell

Life coach, educator, musician, writer, and wife, mama, and nana, I’ve worked in corporate, educational, entrepreneurial, and creative settings. For profit. Non-profit. Fortune 100. Bootstrap. I’m grateful for every part of my rich life and use it all in providing life coaching. From a young age, I saw my future as a white-haired woman having conversations with others. Everything I’ve experienced has been training to live that personal vision.

How about you?

I’m living my passions, following my dream. I want you living yours. Then the journey really is the destination. You’re living in ways that can keep you healthy over the long haul. Not waiting for your real life to begin… someday.

Because as Jung said, if you’re on the path, you’re at the goal. Wherever you are. This is where I am right now. How about you?



Contact Teresa Young at (888) 884-2482, or below.

If clarity is your first goal, you deserve it, and you’ll get it if you do the work. Beautiful.


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