Why in the World Would You Want (and Deserve) Life Coaching?

Why Life Coaching - with Teresa Young

First some truth: there was a time when I regularly asked myself, “why life coaching?”

Because, honestly, I cringed at the term. Despite my passion for the profession, I tap-danced all around that particular phrase when describing what I feel privileged to do. It was funny, really. Life coaching just felt cliché.

But then one intense day, a very special lady in my life, my elderly mother, unexpectedly ended all that. She got down to the essence of things the way moms do, saying, “Why beat around the bush? You’re a life coach.”

Great big wave of her little hand. Great big emphasis on life while—more truth here—at the end of her own. So, instead of feeling annoyed by her opinion, it was instant goose-bump city for me. Long story short, cut to now:  I’m a life coach.

So what is life coaching, really?

A few weeks ago I happened onto an insightful article about coaching. The author provided short definitions for different types. But her take on life coaching felt narrow to me. She described it as being about personal change, with niches within it like youth, addiction, and divorce. Continue reading “Why in the World Would You Want (and Deserve) Life Coaching?”

Ready for Some SuRpriSe in Your Life?

Invite Surprise with Life Coach Teresa Young

Hungry to change things up someway? 

When’s the last time you got a surprise from someone, or from Life itself? And I do mean the good kind.

Can’t remember? Ready to change that? Well, then it’s time to invite some surprise into your life.

Because the truth is that often, for all our talk of wanting more of this or a different that, we tend to travel the same well-worn paths over and over. We “soldier on”, acting out habits that have grown stale.

And those habits may include ignoring casual daydreams—or rich fantasies—of adventure or change. Instead, we stay in our well-worn lanes.

Continue reading “Ready for Some SuRpriSe in Your Life?”

The How of Happiness: Capacity is the Secret Key

Life Coaching with Teresa Young - Defending Happiness

Ah, happiness. It’s one of life’s holy grails. But how to find it?

The truth is that we often seek happiness, like distant treasure we’re determined to find. Someday, somewhere, off in the hazy future, where the grass is greener, all our wishes and dreams will be fulfilled. Then we’ll “be happy.”

But what do we really need to be happy?

When my oldest son went off to college, I realized that my dream for him was the capacity for happiness. Indeed, as I was letting go of my first little guy who had grown into a fine young man, nothing else I could want for him even came close.

So what thoughts do you have as you consider these questions: Continue reading “The How of Happiness: Capacity is the Secret Key”

What is Life Coaching Anyway, You Say?

What Is Life Coaching? - Life Coaching with Teresa Young

Let’s start with what you do know.

As in, what is coaching? Well, think football. Basketball. Golf. The Olympics.

Got it instantly, right? Now. Can you picture sports teams—or their star players—bringing their best to the game at hand without their coaches?

Next, widen that view to me and you. Because life has been changing lightning fast since the late 20th century. And never more so than now. Continue reading “What is Life Coaching Anyway, You Say?”

Time to Take Time to Imagine Your Goals Anew.

Imagine Your Life - Life Coaching with Teresa Young

What do you want right now, in this “empty” season?

Welcome to this little bit of time out. Time to ponder. To imagine your goals anew. It’s a form of play that can, well, change your life! So stay with me here.

I’m thinking about my own ongoing progress toward my heartfelt goals. And I’m ever and again surprised by my changing priorities. New drives and dreams that I couldn’t have predicted a year ago are front and center now. Can you relate? Continue reading “Time to Take Time to Imagine Your Goals Anew.”

Creative Life, Meet the Chakras: How Creativity is Good for Your Health

Creativity is Good for Your Health - Life Coaching with Teresa Young

Why connect creativity and your health?

You may be thinking, what’s one got to do with the other? Well, the beautiful truth is, a lot.

Because we’re all born creative. We just express our creativity in different ways. Through the Arts, yes, but also in our own unique approach to whatever we enjoy doing.

That means anything and everything. Livelihood. Cooking. Parenting. Fashion! Are  you a video game designer? An EMT? A teacher? Creativity shows itself in every profession. Continue reading “Creative Life, Meet the Chakras: How Creativity is Good for Your Health”

Begin Again Daily, With Your Life as Your Art. And Again. And Again.

Begin Again Daily - Teresa Young

Ah, the oh, so human subject of beginning again…

Have you noticed how we humans have good days and bad, inspired moments, ones that don’t represent our best, and everything in between? Are you 100% clear that it isn’t just you?

Yes. Deep breath.

In living the life of your dreams, I’m inviting you here and now to get clear that Every. Single. Moment. is an opportunity for beginning again. With your life as your art, that kind of creativity just comes with the territory.

Are you on track, or off? How often do you step out of all your automatic thoughts and feelings to take a look at that? To take stock? Continue reading “Begin Again Daily, With Your Life as Your Art. And Again. And Again.”