Who Will You Be in This Pregnant Moment? Just Choose.

Life Coaching with Teresa Young

Ah. Who will you be, indeed? Just choose, then choose. Then choose again.

I learned the evocative phrase pregnant moment from my former employer, musical collaborator and dear friend Ricardo Accorsi. Deeply creative, equal parts brilliant architect, artist, and musician, he’s gone now. But his way with language—and life—inspires me still.

Because these days I believe every moment is in fact chock full of new possibilities. And that at our best and most objective, we get to choose who we’ll be in each. Not that this is necessarily easy, but it can be a meaningful endeavor.


Every moment is chock full
of new possibilities.


With the magnificent capability of choosing our way as context, what energy, ideas, thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and intentions will we bring to the delicious potential of the present? Continue reading “Who Will You Be in This Pregnant Moment? Just Choose.”

Homage to My Beautiful Friend Ricardo Accorsi

Ricardo Accorsi, by John Livzey

I wrote this homage to my dear friend Ricardo Accorsi in the spring of 2014.


In a nutshell

Ricardo Accorsi was a brilliant architect, prolific artist, and badass musician. In 2010, after the Great Recession smacked down every construction-related profession, Ricardo closed his Los Angeles architecture studio.

Undaunted and in fact energized, he and his lovely lady Linda Parker bought their dream boat, named her Bailando, and left to sail the world. Continue reading “Homage to My Beautiful Friend Ricardo Accorsi”