Teaching Studio Policies

From Teresa: Teaching Studio Policies

For private music students and their families, please review the following teaching studio policies as we rock on into 2024.


Payment is due prior to each lesson. Payment options include monthly, twice monthly, and weekly, via Zelle, Venmo, cash, and takelessons.com.


Our student/teacher relationship is all about musical development, so consistency matters. Please notify me as early as possible of necessary absences or requests to reschedule, and at least 24 hours prior to lesson time except in cases of sudden illness or emergency.

Scheduled cancellations

Please let me know about special occasions when you/your child will be away with as much notice as possible. My schedule is tight, and knowing openings in advance allows me to offer them to others. Thanks for your help with this!

Short-notice cancellations

Please ask to re-schedule rather than cancelling when possible, with at least 24 hours notice. Though re-scheduling may not always work given my schedule and yours, it’s best for your/your child’s musical development.

Lessons missed without notice

For lessons missed without 24 hours notice in a non-emergency situation, payment is due as usual without a special request from me. We’ll reschedule if our calendars allow.


Please arrive on time. And thanks for your patience whenever I’m working to balance scheduling issues and requests. I do my best because my students and their families matter to me!


Students make extraordinary progress—including academically, socially, and psychologically—when families put daily practice rituals in place and monitor them. Keep the process consistent and enjoyable. In other words, parents are coaches, too. We’re in this powerful game together.

Online Lessons

For students in Los Angeles, please consider online lessons (see Zoom Audio below) only an emergency alternative now. And note that if we meet online at your request but have technical issues that prevent a productive session, payment is not refundable. We’ll try again if our schedules allow. I have students in other parts of the country daily, so unless I notify you of a problem on my end, please solve the issue on your end before requesting another online lesson.

Zoom Audio

Please enable “original sound for musicians” before requesting online lessons, and then each time you join a lesson. If the link above doesn’t help you, just google specific instructions for your particular device. This works beautifully for resolving audio issues.


Feel free to call or text me any time. I’m not so good with email, so thanks for avoiding it when possible. When you do need to email me, please text me to let me know you have something in my email inbox. Thank you!

And let’s rock on!


Updated January 15, 2024