Music Reader Cheat Sheet

Teresa Young’s Music Reader Cheat Sheet

As a “music coach” for decades, Teresa Young‘s superpower is making note-reading skills development fun. (For real!) Use her cheat sheet along with some  music-reading flash cards to make a timed game of note recognition, for points. 4 minutes works great.

With a teacher or other knowledgeable helper as time-keeper and score-keeper, gradually progress up and down the treble and ass staves to ledger lines, over a period of a few weeks. Beat your last score each time to fire up your music-reading skills. First, make it an “open book” game, then set the cheat sheet aside, picking it up as needed. Next, make sight-reading actual music a game too, keeping it equally light and fun. And take little mental breaks as needed.

After all, learning any language is a neurological process, and music is no different. Using Teresa’s enjoyable approach to note recognition, before you know it this foundational skill will become second-nature. Then just keep it fresh. Because, bottom line, “use it or lose it” absolutely applies to music-reading. The more you read, the better you’ll read. So go for it, and have fun!

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You’ll find pop, rock, jazz, traditional, and sacred pieces in her collection, from Steven Universe, Billie Eilish , LP, and Marina to Bob Dylan, The Moody Blues, David Crosby, JVKE, Lou Reed, Miles Teller from Top Gun: Maverick, Frank Sinatra, and Psalm 126!

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the more things you will know.
The more that you learn,
the more places you’ll go.
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