JP Saxe’s Anywhere

JP Saxe’s Anywhere

Arranger Teresa Young‘s sheet music for JP Saxe’s beautiful Anywhere, from his 2023 album “A Grey Area”, came about as most do: her adult piano/voice student wants to interpret it. So Teresa has prepared several versions for her—and you—to choose from.

So you’ll see piano-vocal arrangements below in three keys: JP’s key of F#, the more user-friendly key of F, and the even more user-friendly key of C. The key of C is also nice for mid-range female voices. Each piano-vocal arrangement loosely follows JP’s piano part while providing slightly more support to singers. This is accomplished with certain brief unison notes between the piano and vocal at some phrase beginnings and transitions.

There are also two lead sheets below, in the key of F# and the key of F. They provide just lyrics, melody, and chords.

Preview and purchase sheet music for Anywhere piano-vocal in JP’s key of F# here

And preview and purchase sheet music for Anywhere piano-vocal in the more user-friendly key of F here

The even more user-friendly Anywhere piano-vocal in the key of C here

Preview and purchase sheet music for Anywhere lead sheet in F# major here

And preview and purchase sheet music for Anywhere lead sheet in F major here

Lastly, contact Teresa for an online lesson on this piece here!

Product Details

JP Saxe

Stefan Johnson, James Ryan HoMalay Ho, Michael Pollack, Jonathan Saxe, Jordan Kendall Johnson, Jonathan Percy S. Saxe, and Jordan K Johnson

Digital Sheet Music

4 for piano-vocal arrangements, 2 for lead sheets

3 Piano-Vocal versions and 2 Lead Sheets

Teresa Young

Teresa’s growing collection of published sheet music includes a wide range of genres and skill levels.

You’ll find pop, rock, jazz, traditional, and sacred pieces in her collection, from Steven Universe, Billie Eilish , LP, and Marina to Bob Dylan, The Moody Blues, David Crosby, JVKE, Lou Reed, Miles Teller from Top Gun: Maverick, Frank Sinatra, and Psalm 126!

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Arranging music has become a central pleasure in Teresa’s life. So be sure to check back here for more titles published regularly.

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