Guns N’ Roses’ Don’t Cry

Guns N’ Roses Don’t Cry ~ piano-vocal arrangement

Teresa Young‘s arrangement of Guns N’ Roses’ Don’t Cry came about in an unusual way for her, since most develop from someone’s request. But this time she learned, while listening to her musician son Colin’s podcast, that Don’t Cry is considered an iconic “soft song by a hard band.” Instant intrigue!

The result is a piano-based arrangement that takes its shape from Guns N’ Roses guitar riffs. Its purpose is to allow piano-based ensembles or bands to interpret the song with a vocalist. It includes guitar chord diagrams too. Ya’ll rock on. And don’t cry.

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Product Details

Guns N’ Roses

W. Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin’

Digital Sheet Music


Piano, Vocal and Guitar Chords

Teresa Young

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If love is blind
I guess I’ll buy myself a cane.

—Axl Rose