These testimonials are lovely gifts to me from highly evolved folks.

Because the truth is, great coaching takes clients who are ready to step into their own unique, healthy, sustainable form of greatness. (What’s healthy and inspiring for them, right? Only they can discover and then share the fruits of that beautiful work.)

So the kind of clients that these testimonials represent evoke in me a sense of awe. Yep, it’s goose-bump city around here. I feel utterly privileged to do this deeply meaningful work. After all, the journey really is the destination, for all of us.


Teresa calls me out in the most beautiful and compelling way, reminding me to savor all that today has to offer while confidently turning visions and goals into realities.

Karen F., Philadelphia ~
Fortune 100 executive, wife and mom


On the journey - with Life Coach Teresa Young


When Teresa and I began working together, I was stressed and overwhelmed, going through a variety of significant transitions. Now, with Teresa’s wisdom and experience as a highly skilled coach and beautiful human, I have happily and successfully progressed through my transitions, accomplishing what I was hoping for, truly experiencing my dream in my family, career, and well-being.

Brianna G., California ~
career corporate professional
turned entrepreneur


On the journey - with Life Coach Teresa Young


Teresa got me moving when I was stuck in a career transition. Her holistic approach embraces a wide range of pathways to change.

Stephen M., New York ~
making a mid-life career change


On the journey - with Life Coach Teresa Young


Teresa has a great presence—both steady and energizing. She has a deep sense of the artful and mysterious in life, which are assets in supporting others as they create new life circumstances.

Michelle L., Los Angeles ~
young creative on the rise


On the journey - with Life Coach Teresa Young


I don’t have words to describe how thankful I am to Teresa for coaching our family through a trying time, probably the most difficult time of our lives. Her delivery was impeccable. I will be forever grateful.

Fran H., Los Angeles ~
during a season of crisis/opportunity


On the journey - with Life Coach Teresa Young


I found Teresa on Twitter and started worked with her on a whim, though I didn’t really know what coaching was then. But after two years of good, consistent work, I’ve transformed my life. So now I get what coaching is, and it all makes sense to me. I just needed a real coach in my corner!

Jason M., London ~


On the journey - with Life Coach Teresa Young


Teresa hit the right balance. In brief, she really listened, and she asked the right questions. So I actually had to start working on my goals. Getting to update her on my progress bit by bit made the difference. Basically, working with Teresa worked for me.

Mark Q., Seattle ~
attorney and musician


On the journey - with Life Coach Teresa Young

So now, dear reader, why in the world would you bother with life coaching?