Teaching Philosophy

Boy Playing GuitarMy passion for all things musical emerged early. I was singing and playing anything I could get my hands on from the time I was a tiny girl, and my dad took that—and me—very seriously. So I respect the power that parents have to foster their children’s musical lives! And I’ve heard so many poignant stories from old and new friends of all ages over the years:

If someone had just supported my interest.
If my teacher had listened to what I really
wanted to learn.

Girls SingingThese stories and my own passion for music-making inform my approach. A degreed music educator and multi-instrumentalist, I celebrate and use the musical interests of my students to move them forward.

And I have three grown artist sons, including two touring musicians. Their musical lives inform my work with children, young people, and adults. The point is to support and develop each student’s unique, interest-based musical self-expression.



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