Teaching Philosophy

I was singing and playing anything I could get my hands on from early childhood.  In the process, my parents took me very seriously. So I respect the power parents have to foster their children’s musical lives. What’s more, I’ve heard so many poignant stories from old and new friends over the years:

If someone had just supported my interest…
If my teacher or parents had listened to what I wanted to learn…

These stories and my fundamental passion for music-making inform my approach. Because I use the musical interests of my students to move them forward.

I have three grown artist sons, including two touring musicians. They had a big impact on my teaching philosophy. I learned from them to respect every student’s vision for their musical self-expression and goals. We explore all that together as we make music and learn its universal language.

Music Teaching Philosophy - Teresa Young
Teresa gets the (recital) party started, June 2018




Life Coaching with Teresa Young
Photo: John Livzey

Teresa Young coaches by phone and in person, teaches in Los Angeles, and coaches via Skype outside the U.S.