Welcome to summer!

Summer post pic 1Ahhhhh. Summer! The time has arrived to hang up my teacher hat for a while and jam out on my other multiple passions. First and foremost is a return to balance, in ratio of unstructured to structured time, and to the quality of self-care that comes with a balanced daily, weekly and monthly schedule. It’s rejuvenation time.

Next up, again, time—it’ll be a summer theme—to connect with family and friends. Kevin and I are in Denver for a couple of weeks, relaxing (fantastic!) and visiting with his family. And I have important experiences coming up with loved ones in New York and Florida. I’m always excited to feed my wanderlust while getting to be with my people!

Summer post pic 3Meanwhile, for me, relaxing is, well, an interesting word. Or should I say I have an interesting approach. I get it from my mom, who was a bit of a whirling dervish during my childhood. I’ll continue working on my second poetry compilation, get a new tune list together for making some “grownup music”, cogitate on other business and creative ventures, and explore and share all the summer foods and experiences that I love.

One bit of sharing that I’m looking forward to doing here relates to my philosophy of music education. My last few summers have included lots of amazing training. This summer I’ll skip all that. I just want time—have I mentioned time yet?—to reflect on everything that I’m passionate about in facilitating the musical lives of children and young people. Woooo! Glorious summer ensues.


That Thirst

Working on a new...It’s a thirst,
the ache that we unearth
from time to time, or often,
suddenly, eons old,
and forever. But no,
we can learn
to plumb under it, through it,
asking, what?
What do you want?

The essential thing—
the most freeing-for-aliveness
truth that I now know—
is that each of us is, dear ones,
in truth,
that’s all I know.

It gives me
what I need. It goes,
for me, from here, like this:
Take your sweetness, solace, joy,
and wise counsel
where you find them,
where they find you.
Drink deeply then.

Harbor zero expectations
for the rest, for any moment,
friend, lover,
Work hard.
Be kind.
Prime your own well.
And relish that thirst.
It’s for life.


Givin’ Lovin’ Guidance

To my own bad self

Working on a new...When things get tough, love, check your approach.
Reflect on sweet life. Seek the middle way.
Snag a wisdom text and hole up on the couch,
right? Instead of fantasizin’ World War III?

Consider the ways of your own cantankerous kin,
who’ll fight when they must, or else why bother?
Why scuff the floor or muss up your just-pinned
hair, especially when the snag is only whether

or how to get from here to where you want to be?
What say, dear, these days we bet on baby
steps in the transformation game? What say we
take ’em, and remember that the way we

play with others is, meanwhile, key. This ain’t, girl,
rocket science. Look toward your own end zone,
work that arm and make your moves, cool
on down, and leave the blame game the eff alone.



Morning light is pure, outside
and in, first thoughts clear,
like little bells

or a mellow voice;
remnants of dreams
and deep night concerns

tease, call, or jump
up and down from the edges
of tender, rigorous,



Feeling My Way

I’m dreaming, on a staircase
streaking up to the sky. It climbs—
zigzaggy smile on building’s face—
to multi-story height, but I’m

clear that, two-thirds up, its stair steps
stop. The middle breaks apart,
and rails and runged side-caps
just support clean air on which to plant

my feet. Despite this part, I’m up
there, foot, step, foot, right to the spot
where a fall into blue will interrupt
or be the flow that’s next if that’s what

I choose. I step, foot, step, foot, down,
zigzagging toward green ground.