Givin’ Lovin’ Guidance

To my own bad self

Working on a new...When things get tough, love, check your approach.
Reflect on sweet life. Seek the middle way.
Snag a wisdom text and hole up on the couch,
right? Instead of fantasizin’ World War III?

Consider the ways of your own cantankerous kin,
who’ll fight when they must, or else why bother?
Why scuff the floor or muss up your just-pinned
hair, especially when the snag is only whether

or how to get from here to where you want to be?
What say, dear, these days we bet on baby
steps in the transformation game? What say we
take ’em, and remember that the way we

play with others is, meanwhile, key. This ain’t, girl,
rocket science. Look toward your own end zone,
work that arm and make your moves, cool
on down, and leave the blame game the eff alone.



Morning light is pure, outside
and in, first thoughts clear,
like little bells

or a mellow voice;
remnants of dreams
and deep night concerns

tease, call, or jump
up and down from the edges
of tender, rigorous,



Feeling My Way

I’m dreaming, on a staircase
streaking up to the sky. It climbs—
zigzaggy smile on building’s face—
to multi-story height, but I’m

clear that, two-thirds up, its stair steps
stop. The middle breaks apart,
and rails and runged side-caps
just support clean air on which to plant

my feet. Despite this part, I’m up
there, foot, step, foot, right to the spot
where a fall into blue will interrupt
or be the flow that’s next if that’s what

I choose. I step, foot, step, foot, down,
zigzagging toward green ground.

If I Forget

If I forget gratitude for blue sky views
in the thick of all drama-induced and/
or freeway-intensified myopias;
If I forget to forgive while my
wise heart flashes danger signs

that I, I, I am falling prey to dark ways,
to holding in or holding on
or holding up or holding out
or standing down from my best;
if I forget to pause, astounded,

before goodness, truth, and beauty
wherever I’ve found them,
stop me, friend, lover, brother,
son, father, mother. School me.
Be the difference to me.