Earth Day

Collom lunes

Working on a new...This year Earth
Day stung like a Christmas
morning in childhood,

when we longed
for what we didn’t see,
for what we

needed most, then
hoped, as we eternally do:
maybe next year.


Givin’ Lovin’ Guidance

To my own bad self

Working on a new...When things get tough, love, check your approach.
Reflect on sweet life. Seek the middle way.
Snag a wisdom text and hole up on the couch,
right? Instead of fantasizin’ World War III?

Consider the ways of your own cantankerous kin,
who’ll fight when they must, or else why bother?
Why scuff the floor or muss up your just-pinned
hair, especially when the snag is only whether

or how to get from here to where you want to be?
What say, dear, these days we bet on baby
steps in the transformation game? What say we
take ’em, and remember that the way we

play with others is, meanwhile, key. This ain’t, girl,
rocket science. Look toward your own end zone,
work that arm and make your moves, cool
on down, and leave the blame game the eff alone.


Awaiting You

The moon is up. Its ivory tray
awaits your cares to cart them off
to sleep. As light as livelong day,
it rests, a pearl on black-necked night.

Whispered stanzas come and go,
music wafted on the wind; out
back we’ve set a chair for you,
a fire, too, against the night,

like spring in winter, birth in death,
like calm in storm, a warmly way
to mark your visit as a day
of peace and truth, of talk all night,

of goals and dreams, ideas and plans,
and sated rest once moonlight wanes.
So come, dear one, and bring your pain,
the blood-red wine we’ll nurse all night.

On Guru Zuul

The finest pup
in all the land
understands you,
I mean truly,

mans the fort
as is her duty,
and waits
as long as it takes

for food, drink, walk,
play, praise,
and pretty days
with her beloveds.

Zuul even loves
her tiny new thunder-
thieving recruit
who will soon pull hair,

poke everywhere
and give even more
insistent kisses
than she gives.

In my life
as mantra sayer
and would-be
consciousness raiser

I see now how
to really change tunes:
just strive
with all I’ve got—

or not!—
for Zuuli-zoo’s
lovin’ life