Ready to Launch the Beautiful Week You Deserve? What’s Your Mantra? Time to Create One.

Toward Your Beautiful Week - Life Coaching with Teresa Young

Ready for a beautiful week, my dears? Jazzed to begin it? Oh. No?

If not, why not? What’s getting in the way? Or is it that your goals are great, and in fact the only issue is… well… you? :)

Yep, I’m smiling as I write. Because the truth is that this is, oh, so human.

You aren’t alone

I love the quote above from Ralph Waldo Emerson for just that reason. It acknowledges that we humans tend toward thought patterns that get in the way of our own sunshine.

To me, that fact means we need lots and lots of self-compassion and self-encouragement as important daily parts of our lives. Regular self-affirmation should be in the mix for each of us.

So now for a tiny life coaching moment from me to you. Toward your beautiful week, how about crafting a nurturing mantra that you can jam to as needed in the week ahead? Here’s mine, crafted during a powerful iPEC experience:

I trust in the flow of life

I trust in the flow of life. It’s about shushing the specific negative voices that drive my personal train if I don’t check them. What could do the trick for you, so you aren’t darkening your own doorway?

Get super-curious about internal messages that may be raining on your parade, then craft the perfect comeback and game-changer. Have fun with it!

And more, explore my post on rocking an empowering mindset to go deeper into some (fun) power strategies. And consider tracking your energy usage, too.

Meanwhile, keep your comeback to negative self-talk light. Just keep an enjoyable inner convo going throughout the week.

Change the game

Whip out a custom-made mantra when and wherever you really need itIt has zero value just propped up in a pretty frame in your meditation corner waiting for you to have the presence of mind—and time—to stop by.

Rock it on your bathroom mirror, in your pocket, as the screen image on your laptop or smart phone. On the visor of your car. Whatever inspires and energizes you.

Deploy it like serious juju throughout your beautiful week. And as you do that beautiful inner work, reach out for the expert support you deserve.

Teresa Young


Begin Again Daily, With Your Life as Your Art. And Again. And Again.

On Beginning Again Daily - Life Coaching with Teresa Young

On the oh, so human subject of beginning again, have you noticed how we humans have good days and bad days, inspired moments, ones that don’t represent our best, and everything in between? Are you 100% clear that it isn’t just you?

Yes. Deep breath.

In living the life of your dreams, I invite you to get clear that Every. Single. Moment. is an opportunity for beginning again. Are you on track, or off? How often do you step out of all your automatic thoughts and feelings to take a look at that? It’s a skill, like a muscle you can develop. And it’s all about practice. Think of it as a healthy ritual that you can make a regular part of your committed approach to your own precious, unrepeatable life.

So if you’re on track, jam on, managing inner and outer challenges in the process. This management of all things works when you know you’re on the path that’s right for you. Because there’s inherent energy and inspiration in that knowledge that you can ride like a wave of relatively effortless progress. In truth, not swimming upstream can make all the difference.

On the other hand, if you realize you’re off track, congrats, first, on the accomplishment of that honest reflection. Give yourself some credit for it, championing your own insight. Then assess further. What small or large shift will get you on your path again?

Finally, armed with the results of your assessment, get about the beautiful business of beginning again, knowing that, as wise Ezra Pound says above, you’re in very creative company. And in the trenches of that good work, reach out for the expert support you deserve.