Homage to You Two

In the sketchy heart of Hollywood,
in a goth building your beloved
Ghostbusters might be called to,
you nested fast in a 2nd floor walk-up,

all pristine paint and put-together furniture
that won’t break the bank. The vibe
is right, brick walls, oak floors,
and conversation-starter nooks and crannies

for who knows what early 20th century stuff.
We bring basil in a pot, tomatoes, garlic,
a baguette, champagne,
lavender salts for your virgin bath,

and congratulations.¬†You’re on
your path. We head back and hit the 101,
about young love.

Poem #11 of 30 for National Poetry Writing Month April 2016


Still Portrait, You and Me

modeled need
for beauty in all forms,
sharp use
of fine mind,
that pragmatics
trump all, so I rebelled
and am both Don Quixote
and Sancho.
And fashions that took me
years and years to grow into.
Oh, and control.

shared from bedside chair
under lamplight
through existential crises
under my covers,
“no use worrying
about things
you can’t change.”
Quick manna
that holds still.
And music. Music
came through him.

showed me how sons
would be so alike
and different, too,
nature guy
and danger dude,
not so far from playing
Tarzan and Jane,
lamps and sofas
be damned, laughter
lingering decades
later. And how life
can take us far
from ones
we were once
close to.

grew me,
me the searching,
so they are crystal clear
on who they are
and what
they don’t want. They taught
and to savor
love that comes.
And loss of control.

are revelations,
into unknowable
futures to forever intrigue
me. Brave new
planetary jams
on individuality,

With granddaughter
I begin again.
As young mother still
on the delivery table
a thunder roiled
through me, accord
with all creatures
who birth. Who knew
the earth would heave
like that
for me again
with her?

have taught forgiveness, too,
constancy, and the power
of what’s unsaid.
The unconditional.

Poem #2 of 30 for National Poetry Writing Month April 2016


Coming soon… NaPoWriMo 2016!

logo-napowrimoIt’s almost time for National Poetry Writing Month 2016. I loved it in 2014 and missed it last year. WAY too much else was happening. So this time around I’m anticipating the month and the impact I know it will have on me creatively, spiritually, and no doubt in many other ways that will become beautifully clear. Woohoo!

Back soon, with pleasure…
Teresa First Name Sig