When Darkness Falls

Working on a new...My darlings, I suspect that darkness
truly is the grist that grinds us
on down to our finest, far past
what we’ve known. At times we really must

just inch our way blind down midnight roads,
find footholds at moonless junctures,
own our aloneness. Yet we also hold
others and are held within love’s structures

that we’ve cobbled day by day,
north, south, east and west of trouble,
and that will succor us in new ways
if we will only learn to suckle

on those who love us, from pale cadets
to wizened elder statesmen with
whom we only thought to intersect
in small talk, not in stark new truths

that we must also, yes, suspect.
Yes. Yes! Let’s seize today to make
of it what we will, and forget
should have, could have. Let’s take

each gift of goodness, truth, and beauty all
the way to whatever’s next with those
we love. Let’s plan this season’s art and call
on every beating heart disposed

to share in what we’ll craft. We’ll risk
the simple happiness that we still
imagine, will perhaps otherwise miss,
and can perhaps take with us past all this.

Busy, busy, busy! And happy about NaPoWriMo…

May is half spent and I’m just writing a follow-up to NaPoWriMo, but don’t be fooled by my tardiness; I loved it. I didn’t come anywhere near a poem a day, got too busy near the end of the month to invest any time at all, and didn’t post everything I wrote, and that’s all just fine with me. I’m always moved and amazed by the fact that when we—I’m in the mood to use the collective here—actually set aside the time to write, well, writing ensues! And it’s one of the experiences in life for me. So why not write more often, more consistently, with more purpose? Great, great questions. Lovely weather we’re having. (Uh huh.)

GeraniumI’ll also admit that it was a rather heavy month for me, which the poems helped me to process. A lot going on with family, news of a dear friend’s health challenge. And that’s life, right? I want to post one more poem that I worked on during NaPoWriMo, and I’ll do that soon. Meanwhile, I’ll close out this particular project while waiting for clarity on what’s next here.

It’s time to make some summer travel plans, for one thing, which will mean tiiiiiiime to write that I haven’t had since last August. Sounds delicious! We’ll see.

Earth Day

Collom lunes

Working on a new...This year Earth
Day stung like a Christmas
morning in childhood,

when we longed
for what we didn’t see,
for what we

needed most, then
hoped, as we eternally do:
maybe next year.


Givin’ Lovin’ Guidance

To my own bad self

Working on a new...When things get tough, love, check your approach.
Reflect on sweet life. Seek the middle way.
Snag a wisdom text and hole up on the couch,
right? Instead of fantasizin’ World War III?

Consider the ways of your own cantankerous kin,
who’ll fight when they must, or else why bother?
Why scuff the floor or muss up your just-pinned
hair, especially when the snag is only whether

or how to get from here to where you want to be?
What say, dear, these days we bet on baby
steps in the transformation game? What say we
take ’em, and remember that the way we

play with others is, meanwhile, key. This ain’t, girl,
rocket science. Look toward your own end zone,
work that arm and make your moves, cool
on down, and leave the blame game the eff alone.


Early Easter Morning

Bone china cup cradling just-made mocha
++++++greets its saucer
+++++++++with a ritual clink
++++++as Pandora offers
++++++++++Bach’s 1st Cello Suite;

++++++crusty bread lends soul
++++++++while windowed sunlight,
++++++++++one hummingbird,
+++++and the dewy buds of ancient rose bushes

+++++++++stillness reigns,
++++++spine-tingling hymn
+++of thanks
+and praise.