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napo2014buttonSince my Welcome to NaPoWriMo post I’ve had a zzzzzzaaaapp of an idea, to focus on relationships this month, exploring this primary aspect of our lives during National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo). For me this is one more little example — my creative life is rife with them — of the value of waiting for clarity in any and all matters. The idea gives me a jolt of energy by unifying my approach during a busy, busy month. We’ll see if this focus holds as I feel my way through.

And in this moment I’ll share a poem of mine from NaPoWriMo 2013 that’s special to me. See the piece below this gorgeous pic by my master photographer friend John Livzey. I look forward to riding the as yet unknowable wave of this month’s experiences, including ready access through NaPoWriMo’s site to fresh, in-the-moment works of hundreds of poets from all over our beautiful world.


If You’ve Lost Your Way

Look back.
How his face moved you.
Her skin felt electric
and you shared tales

like new wine
that intoxicated everyone.
Reclaim it all:

heart-pounding calm,
moist air and eyes
and passion

in tender firsts.
What does it take
to revive all that?

At least vulnerability,
that honesty
with a heart
willing to break.

Find that power
and convey it.
Upset the balance.
Deliciously. Now.

And FYI, more of my work from last April is here. Back soon…

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No need for answers

Photograph by John Livzey

Photograph by John Livzey


What is that essence
in you and me
that makes us us,
cards aligned
in so many—enough—ways,
and attraction still and always
trumping all other plays?

That mystery,
mutuality in duality,
complementary capacities
for quiet, chocolate,
guts and feeling all entwined
with a know thyself vibe
and room for life-and-death rants—
but just once in a while.

And do signs of lush secrets
stoke other hungry players,
or start quiet bets
on future losses?
I just know I found
the key to so much
and the best in so many
when I found you,
and that’s enough winning
today, with you
with me.



Photograph by John Livzey

Photograph by John Livzey

Go! For all we know
life’s a cosmic trifle,
profiteroles of beingness
in which we-ingness
have the privilege of,

well, who knows?
So. To have and to hold,
to be or not to be,
to sir with love, it’s you
I’ve been dreaming of.

Oh, and for all we know
the joke’s on us, though
time is on our side
and ride, Sally, ride.
Sweet. And incomplete.