Invite Some SuRpriSe Into Your Life. It’s Only Always Good for You. For All of Us.

Invite Surprise with Life Coach Teresa Young

When’s the last time someone—or life—surprised you, in a good way? Can’t remember? Ready to change that? Well, then you’ve got to invite some surprise on in.

Often, for all our talk of wanting more of this or a different that, we tend to travel the same well-worn paths over and over.

Habits that have grown stale. Casual daydreams—or rich  fantasies—of adventure or change that we don’t act on.

Change may not be the most natural thing

Often, too, there’s no real reason why, or why not. Maybe it’s just how we’ve lived. Or how we’ve watched the folks around us “do life.” Besides, our routines are comforting, right? They work. Hmmm.

Or do they? Maybe the truth is somewhere between yes and no.

To welcome surprise into your life, get curious about the unknown. And about that part of you that may be waiting for its turn at bat, or on the dance floor. Out snorkeling. Or hiking Mount Kilimanjaro.

Move over, known. Time to mix things up!

Invite the unknown in

Take a different route to work. Make a point to notice things along the way. Say yes! when you usually say no, or instead of that famous decision-in-a-non-decision:  we’ll see.

Sit quietly if you usually don’t. Head out for a walk without a purpose. Call a friend without anything on your mind to say. Wear something really different for you!

Let the unknown call you out

Book that trip. Take that class. Ask for that raise! Try saying no to things, too. See and feel where different choices take you. And pay attention to whatever coincidences or unexpected opportunities pop up then. Because they do. They will.

You deserve an amazing life. Invite surprise in for surprising developments. Woohoo!


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