Change on the Horizon? Consider the Holidays Your “Pre-Season.”

Poised to Embrace Change - Life Coach Teresa Young

Today I’m thinking about embracing change. ‘Tis the season for me on a lot of levels, and that intrigues me. Because I know if it’s happening to me, it’s happening to folks around me, too.

‘Twas what season?

I’m thinking about the fact that there are placid seasons in our lives. Times that, as you look back, seem like long stretches of comparatively calm water. But then when was that, exactly? Those six months? That year and a half? But actually, this major life event happened. Then that one. And while they had your attention, the lid blew off the situation around the corner.

Never a dull moment. And that’s the journey. That’s the beauty. Beautiful life.

And yes, change comes in seasons. Like in the movie Chocolat, where a big wind blows lovely Vianne and her daughter Anouk into the village. And we feel it. The “winds” of change. “Spirit.” The unknown. Excitement. Freedom. Fear. Plus whatever grieving we’re doing as we let go of whatever certainties we need to lose.

What do you want to do?

So, here in the season that’s a pre-season, too, with the coming New Year calling me forward, calling you, how do we invite and embrace the unknown? A focus on energy is one way for me. In fact, I say follow the energy. First by getting present to its ebbs and flows. What wants to rise up within you? And what feels exhausted? Exhausting? As in wants to be over, at least for now. Follow the energy as inner wind tugging you forward.

And it’s worth noting here that we humans often don’t embrace change until we have to. Honestly, we all have our ways of treading water, of staying afloat without rocking the boat. That’s why it takes a big wind to break up the status quo. Then we will still stand there or sit or lie and wait and hold back and turn back and start forward and stop flat, until the moment comes when… we’re… ready. Or ready enough. Because sometimes we just have to leap to learn what we need to know.

Party and plan. Present and future.

This holiday season, relish the known. The now. And especially all our delicious ritual experiences. Meanwhile, in the margins, as big context, keep watching for what wants your attention. Then in moments that feel right, try out some new moves. Put a toe into that growth-and-change dance that it’s time to do. And while you’re dancin’, look around for and enjoy all the fine folks right there with you on the wild, wonderful journey.


Embrace Change - Life Coach Teresa YoungTeresa Young wants you living your dream, for real. She coaches by phone, in person, and via Skype outside the U.S.

Snag your power—and satisfaction—this week!

Be the one doing the doing this week, my dears, rather than the one saying it can’t be done!

If the truth of the matter is that the roles are switched, take notice.

What’s going on?

Get really curious about that toward this week being nothing less than a game-changer.

Is it because you’re just not that interested in a particular outcome?

If it really is an important goal, how can you change your personal story about it, your self-talk, to get beyond “should”, or even, “OK, I want to”, to “let’s make this happen, people, and pronto!“, bringing all the power of your considerable life force to bear in the matter?

Toward that end, get curious about this big question:

Are negative voices—inner or outer—getting in your way?

Get clear that negative self-talk isn’t “you”, isn’t the truth of the matter, but rather an opportunity to get more and more conscious of who you choose to be, and how you want to language—such a powerful verb—your world and your daily experience of living.

Practice separating the goal-oriented you from all that useless doomsday “gum-flapping”, as my husband Kevin likes to say.

Get yo’self a mantra! And click on this image to check out a fun post of mine on staying in a positive mindset. It also addresses those negative voices that aren’t coming from inside you.  One mustn’t let the naysayers rule the day, as Amelia Earhart noted and modeled in her extraordinary life.

keep-out-disempowering-thoughts2Next up, another important question:

Is there a bigger or completely different goal that wants your attention?


Juicy, yes?

What, my dears, do you really, really want?

Get fundamentally curious about that. Remember, remember, remember, and make it a walking mantra this week:

[Tweet “You DON’T just have to take what you’ve got. Uh uh. CREATE what you want. Create what you want. Ha!”]


Ask, reflect on, and answer these questions to snag your power and satisfaction this week and beyond.

You deserve it, and guess what? It’s up to you, as in it’s your exciting opportunity to make it happen. And yes, as in anything big and important in life, you need and deserve support. I’m here, and coaching will make the difference.

Think big, feeeeel that daring feeling of relishing what you really want, and reach out. Let’s get going!


Certified Professional Mindset and Meaning Coach Teresa Young works with clients to accomplish their passion-based goals in healthy, soulful new ways. She coaches by phone, in person, and via Skype outside the U.S.




Affirm human freedom, today and every day

Life is long, my dears. It can get hectic, too. And we Americans can get complacent, taking our freedom and relative wealth of opportunity for granted.

Today, the anniversary of our still-young nation’s Declaration of Independence, is an auspicious day for us to reflect on, first, our gratitude for all that we’ve inherited, for the constant, however imperfect workings of our huge democracy.

Next, whether or not you happen to live in the U.S., I say it’s an auspicious day to affirm our individual and collective human freedom, and to commit or re-commit to make the most of it by following our dreams and expressing our passions.

Note: I don’t mean in the margins of gerbil-wheel bound, stressed out material lives. I mean as the forefront of our lived experiences. As our most authentic endeavors, the kind that make our hearts sing and freedom ring in them.

Lastly, how about re-committing to transcend any personal dependencies or inner roadblocks that get in the way of our freedom to each be the person we aspire to be, the person we are each capable of being, thank you very much?

In that respect, though I started this piece with “life is long”, it’s short in the grand scheme, too, and precious. Don’t wait. Go for it. Let’s rock the intrinsic inner freedom that Viktor Frankl taught us. Let’s make it count.

July 4th is America’s annual Freedom Party. I say let’s celebrate today like freedom matters, then get on with making the most of it!


Certified Professional Mindset and Meaning Coach Teresa Young works with clients to accomplish their passion-based goals in healthy, soulful new ways. She coaches by phone, in person, and via Skype outside the U.S.




Rock these 6 fun steps to WIN your game

keep-out-disempowering-thoughts2So here’s the game-changing news.

YOU—in fact, all the parts and pieces of you, which add up to quite a cast of characters—can be your own cheerleader-in-chief and guard dog at the gateway to your own Fort Empowerment, allowing only helpful thoughts. With a clear call to take a hike to all else that tends to want to have a say.

And it can be fun!

Ready to play?

1.  Sniff like a bloodhound for negative voices.

You may not have a natural ability to notice voices inside or outside of you that don’t believe in you or in abundant life, that want to keep you small. But like any skill that you work at, you can learn this.

Make notes. Keep an Annoying Voices journal. When do those “you can’t, you aren’t, you mustn’t” voices strike?

What do they say, exactly?

Get curious. Think and write however you hear them. A particular accent? Emotion? With every negative belief that you capture this way, imagine yourself growing a little taller, the weight of the world dropping from your shoulders.

Your voice more resonant.

Your language more your own.

2.  Call out unhelpful perspectives and send them packing.

You can even do this with compassion. I say gentleness in all things, especially in heart-to-hearts with ourselves. Develop a come-back that’s fun and meaningful to you.

Thanks for sharing, little green gremlin; I know it means you care.

Or another:

Get along, little wants-to-dog-me. Got your number. Maybe next. Time. Not!

Or perhaps a bit of poetry:

Roses are red, violets are blue,
I hear you talkin’ but I see through you

Or one of those game-show buzzer sounds:


3.  Name the tune that likes to play over and over.

As you get clear on what likes to or is just accustomed to being in charge, to holding you back, to holding you hostage, perhaps even in a sweet-scented, gilded cage of comfortable habits (uh huh), try naming this or that naggy old voice, limiting belief, outdated rule, or childhood boogie man, none of which you probably ever actually chose to let run your life.

Once identified and tagged—Aunt Bertha, Professor Whozit from Whatzit, that monster under your bed the summer before 2nd grade—well, you know what to do.

Or you will now:

4.  Dream up your special eradication style and cleeeeean house.

Crank the music, calling on all your upbeat faves, and get the trash bags ready. Or, best case for the good of the planet, pile up all that junk and then disappear it through the power of your vivid imagination.

By the way, that voice isn’t actually your Aunt Bertha, right? It’s her old ways that you’ve internalized.

If she’s still at it in your outer life, distinguish between that entrenched inner voice and her misguided love-in-action. Eradicate the first, and express your love and freedom with the second:

Auntie dearest, I love you, and everything’s OK with me. What do you need when I come see you?

Once you’ve gathered up all that old garbage, use whatever imaginative method works for you.

Enfold it all in molten lava at the core of the earth, or have friendly aliens transport it to the next deep-space meteor crash point.

Or set its dark energy to work heating homes on the frozen tundra. (Um, are there homes on the frozen tundra?)

Imagine your way to a cleaner mindset that serves your beautiful life. Have fun with it!

5.  Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice.

When this or that back talk, subtle whine, sermonette of doom, or mean-ass sidebar comment comes around again itchin’ for a soapbox moment (and note: that’s when, not if), just disappear it again, kindly but firmly, no violence, but no back-sliding either.

It’s like teaching little children.

Consistency is key in shushing unhelpful voices.

6.  Do that with one hand while you jam on with the other.

In the midst of this bucket of housekeeping work, which you‘ll get better and better at handling with one hand on your determined heart, well, ACT, my dears, act on your dreams and goals. One foot in front of the other, in bite-sized action steps designed by capable you for actual results.

Knowing your step by step, consistent accomplishments will impact the way you feel, the way you think about it all.

Success breeds success. Right? Right.

Remember, you deserve an amazing life. Believe in yourself, and go, go, go for it.

Teresa Young wants you living your dream, for real. She coaches by phone, in person, and via Skype outside the U.S.