Mission Statement and Studio Policies


In fulfillment of one of my fundamental passions, my private music students make permanent gains neurologically and in terms of focus, confidence, and self-expression that enhance every area of their lives. In the process, they develop musical capabilities and have performance experiences that they and their families will never forget.


Acquiring musical skill requires consistency. The regular lessons that I schedule for each student represent my commitment to reserve that time for them and to make effective use of it. In return, students and families commit to consistent attendance. It’s like an exclusive class for one that I am then poised to teach at that time. When issues arise, please request to re-schedule rather than cancelling whenever possible. Please make requests with at least 24 hours notice, more when possible, and limit them to emergencies, sudden illnesses, family vacations, and other important events. With less than 24 hours notice, please provide payment for cancellations and for requests to re-schedule that can’t be accommodated, except in cases of emergency or sudden illness. Remember that what you’re paying for is your or your child’s slot in my program: that exclusive class for one.


Please arrive on time.


Students make extraordinary progress when families institute regular, enjoyable practice rituals and monitor them, keeping that part enjoyable, too. :)


Payment choices include cash, checks, credit cards, and takelessons.com. Feel free to pay monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly, at least prior to or at each lesson.

Thus we’ll jam successfully on the exciting project of musical skill-building, music making, and all the marvelous inherent growth therein!

Musically yours,