Studio Policies


Most seasoned private music teachers require monthly payment up front. But having raised my own three sons and knowing how wild it can get, I like to keep things simple for my students and families. You’re welcome to pay monthly, bi-monthly, weekly, and by check, cash, using the TakeLessons site (ask me about this if you’re unfamiliar with it), or via credit card. Using the method that works best for you, please pay before or at each lesson. My bookkeeping process doesn’t allow for delayed payment after lessons.


Consistent attendance is vital. One of the two reasons that most private music teachers require monthly payment up front is that it promotes continuity. This is essential for music students, keeping them engaged and motivated in the midst of the exciting progress that continuity promotes! The other reason is stability for the music teacher. So, especially in light of my chill approach to payment, please keep in mind that you or your child are enrolled in a slot in my program, and that these slots are limited. Continuity is best for your child’s musical growth and for my ability to sustain my teaching practice. Toward these ends, please observe the following:

  1. Please keep lesson days and times consistent when at all possible.
  1. Please provide me with at least 24 hours notice (more when possible) of necessary cancellations or requests to reschedule. Requests to reschedule are better than cancellations for both student and teacher, and I’ll accommodate them when possible. And keep in mind that changes may be challenging.
  1. For non-emergency cancellations with less than 24 hours notice (sudden fun opportunities and such), please plan to pay for the missed lesson. I’ll be aided by this acknowledgment that I was poised to teach at our scheduled time and unable to make alternative use of the teaching slot due to insufficient notice.


There will be times when illness or other emergencies occur. I’ve got your back. :)


Simply said, it’s important to me, and to the students who are scheduled after you or your child.

Thanks for your help as we jam on into the next exciting season of musical learning, music-making, and all the marvelous inherent growth therein!