Music Teaching Testimonials

This sample of music teaching testimonials is a lovely little window into why I do what I do. :)

After the first meeting, my daughter knew immediately she wanted to pursue playing the piano. Now every week she can’t wait to go back!! ~ Mom of a 4th grader

Teresa is great with the girls. For example, she allows the girls to use their intuitive musical skills in her teachings. Teresa allows students to think outside the box along with traditional piano teachings. ~ Mom of middle school and elementary school girls


Music Teaching Testimonials - Private Music Lessons with Teresa Young


Teresa is a wonderful intuitive teacher. I myself never played an instrument and I wanted my kids to be more tuned in than me. So I feel very lucky to have found the guidance of such a resourceful and kind spirited Lady. ~ Mom of a boy in 6th grade and a girl in kindergarten

Teresa is is sensitive and intuitive about each of her students. My children both adore working with Teresa and come away feeling fulfilled. ~ Mom of preschool and 1st grade girls

Teresa was wonderful with my 9 year old daughter. Her approach to teaching music goes far beyond the standard “lesson.” Thanks so much! ~ Mom of a 4th grade girl

Being a parent herself, Teresa is very much aware of the kids’ needs. Moreover, she goes above and beyond. I am also a firm believer in the power of music and its benefits for kids. The process of learning and playing expands their minds and has not only an educational value, but also emotional, developmental, and social values. ~ Mom of three students from early kindergarten through 6th grade

Teresa Young’s enthusiastic guidance has significantly enhanced my daughter’s confidence and joy in singing. ~ Dad of a 7th grader

I could see that my son’s time with Teresa was so purposeful and he learned much more than I ever imagined was possible in such a small amount of time. ~ Mom of a 4th grader

Teresa is a very talented teacher who has so much patience and dedication. Furthermore, our son has come a long way in the short time she has been working with him.  ~ Mom of a 3rd grader

I feel great that my little one is in Teresa’s hands. ~ Dad of a 2nd grader

Our girl’s love of music has blossomed and flourished under Teresa’s tutelage. ~ Parents of a girl in early kindergarten

Being musicians, we notice that our son’s musicality is growing. In fact, his musical coordination is already flourishing, which makes us all very happy! ~ Parents of a boy in kindergarten

Our daughter is developing a sense of rhythm and understanding of music that we never learned as children. Not only will she reach further toward her music potential, she will also prepare her mind for learning throughout her school years. ~ Parents of a preschooler

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