Generating power, fueled by gratitude

Generating Power in Panama City - Life Coach Teresa Young

Generating power here

I’ve personally never seen so many lineworkers jamming in tandem across multiple lanes of traffic. And on a Sunday yet. This is still going on all around Panama City ever more dramatically. Gulf Power is trying hard to restore power to all of Panama City and larger Bay County by October 24th. That’s tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

And in a sweet moment yesterday on a busy highway, three state troopers were standing there keeping an eye on things. A passenger in a moving car ahead of me reached out and handed them a bag of sandwiches. They dug right in. Generating power, indeed.

Music matters

Soon after I got here I decided on Pandora’s ‘70s rock station. And on generating power again, when I can get a signal, the ’70s rock station evokes memories of my early teen years here and energizes me. Yesterday en route from the beach in heavy traffic, Cat Stephens’ “oo, baby, it’s a wild world” couldn’t have been more perfect.

My brother’s family is staying with me after getting most of their apartment’s contents into storage. My mother feels too weak to move and doesn’t want to, so I’m taking hot meals to my parents daily. After several hours with them yesterday, James Taylor’s “Shower the People” kicked in as I pulled out onto their ravaged street again. James got me past the horror my father and I feel every time we open his garage door to the ruin around us. I give my dad his own private daily pep talk then as we stand together next to my car. “Shower the People” is definitely what I’m doing here.

Sketchy routines

On the important topic of sketchy cell signal after a natural disaster, shout-out to my iPhone. I’m faring better than folks with various other devices. I’m sending and receiving texts, utilizing weak cell signals and WiFi, and accessing Google and Google maps for resources we need. (And shout-out to whatever tower is subbing for Sprint’s two ruined ones.)

We’re achieving a bit of a routine while waiting for power, insurance people, and more ease of movement, both indoors, where power and extension cords to my father’s generator and all around his ground floor are exactly as I imagined them while sleepless in Los Angeles—with my mother on a walker and him using a cane—and outdoors, given downed trees, mounds of debris, suspicious-looking cables, and workers everywhere with orange cones and heavy-duty vehicles. And one more update: Yesterday I saw a convoy of FEMA trucks emblazed “Potable Water” roll into town. Their presence is growing.

Fueled by gratitude

And once again with feeling on the subject of generating power, THANK YOU AGAIN to everyone who has aided us. Now that the shock of the present is receding a bit for all of us, I’ve begun sharing with my parents how I got here this time. The help we received. They get wide-eyed and speechless while I get choked up, the three of us feeling so much together.

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Intention: inspiration

Blue Skies and Inspiration - Life Coach Teresa Young

On a puddle jumper from Houston to Panama City Friday I was blown away by magnificent views. I’m generally the aisle seat type, but 6A was both aisle and window seat this time. Pale blue to azure skies and immense cloud structures felt like pure gift. Like, here’s inspiration. Rest your eyes here. Store this technicolor reminder of just how crazy-beautiful our little planet is. A perfect fit for the gratitude I felt and feel to be able to help my family.

Four days later I’m weary of trying to take pics that capture Michael’s devastating impact. And it’s dangerous to do so given thread-the-needle road conditions! Time to share what inspires me instead. That’s what I’m looking for now as I drive clogged streets and highways between Panama City and Panama City Beach and back again. THANK YOU again and again to everybody who has helped me to be here. It means so much to me and my family.


Sometimes you’ve just gotta go there…

Mission: get to Panama City

I’m in Houston now en route to Panama City, feeling both anxious and grateful to all the people who are making it possible for me to aid my family. Because Hurricane Michael struck a week ago. My sister-in-law sent me video of her neighborhood yesterday via text; my son in Brooklyn added music. Meanwhile my father and one of my brothers have been texting me to prepare myself. “This place is ruined.”

Von Miller said it right

I caught the end of the Broncos game with Kevin last night, and I happened to hear Von Miller say they’d been relentless. Of course that feels just right. At the moment my brother who works overseas is relentlessly trying to find a new place for his family to live. My father is relentlessly trying to get somebody to patch a hole in his roof before it rains yet again. And he’s trying to get my mother to eat something. Anything.

My brother who lives in Chipley, near Panama City, is out relentlessly clearing debris from all kinds of properties. In truth I’ve been relentless this week, too, ultimately securing a rare place with power where we can stay—and I can cook—for the next ten days. On the ground in Panama City, the couple who will host us are updating me on their relentless volunteer work at the local command center. From our first interaction they’ve been amazing. “Let’s get you some help.”

“Hey, this is life”

Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, my clients and students who I apologized to this week for leaving again said, “hey, this is life.” Over and over. It cuts through my natural confusion in the face of these extreme developments.

And thanks again to all you angels who’ve contributed to the GoFundMe campaign—and privately–that has me on my way there.

P.S. Though I’m usually a rather introverted traveler, I’ll be talking to folks on this next flight. I’m wondering what’s taking them to Panama City.

Panama City Native Teresa Young in Firelight, by John Livzeyxo

Podcast episode 4: Feeling fear? 1. Befriend it. 2. Rock on!

My podcast episode 4 is now live. And it’s one for all ages, on that most human of experiences: fear! Can you relate? Yes you can. Right?

Check it out here, as you live your dream, for real. Yessssss.

OK, let’s talk fear

I received a wonderful question, actually two, that I’ll share with you exactly as they came to me:

Do you feel that the fear one experiences contributes to the attraction of negative energy? If so, do you have any tips for overcoming or avoiding that situation?

One beautiful thing about this particular set of questions is that it’s from the amazing dad of a very creative 10 year-old girl. So my goal in this episode is to address these questions in a way that is absolutely appropriate for children, AND of course for the child in all of us.

But let’s say no Catch 22 allowed here

First, on that great question about fear contributing to the attraction of negative energy, I think it’s important to AVOID the EXTRA LAYER OF FEAR that such a belief could create! Talk about a negative loop, or a “Catch 22” for us grownups, right? The truth is, fear is part of the human journey. It’s part of who we are.

I read a novel a few months ago in which an early main character, a little girl who later became an author, started very early telling scary stories to all the kids in her life. Two generations later, another main character, the little girl’s grown granddaughter, went poking around learning about her grandmother, the “authoress.” She was trying to answer the question of who she came from. And the elders who were still in that long-ago neighborhood, the little girl’s friends of that time, still remembered the scary stories she told, and how much they all loved them! Without a doubt life IS like that, right?

Listen for more on an upbeat approach

For more on this actually rather delicious topic, explore my podcast episode 4. Then let me know if you have a question that I can address for you. It would be a privilege.


Podcast Episode 4 by Life Coach Teresa YoungTeresa Young wants you living your dream, for real. She coaches by phone, in person, and via Skype outside the U.S.

4 Ways to Re-Energize After the Holidays

The holiday season that you just completed—in whatever ways you and your community celebrated—can be rather fraught, right? Family, friends, gifts, rituals, proximity, distance, introverts, extroverts, messy people, neat freaks, old stories, new complexities… it’s often, well, a lot. And if you’re reading this particular post on this particular website, you’re no doubt someone who did your part to try to make the season a beautiful one.

Now, back in “ordinary time,” back at work, at home, at school, you may be feeling just how much life force you expended in the process. It’s time now, as you settle back into your relatively, blessedly comforting routines, for some smart strategies to truly regain your energy while prepping to make the most of all the natural motivation that the New Year brings.

So check out these four simple strategies for re-grouping energetically toward a strong start to 2018:

Read more here on coaching website

And rock on, knowing I’m in your corner. Reach out if I can help. It will be my privilege.


Podcast episode 3: Who. You. Are. Not.


My podcast episode 3, Live Your Dream for Real, is live on iTunes, my dears. In this episode we’ll get down into the power of your thoughts as you live your dream, including, and especially: Who. You. Are. Not.


Who. You. Are… whaaaat?

In podcast episode 3, Who. You. Are. Not., we’ll build on that deeper truth that I mentioned in episode 2, beyond any kind of passive approach to life. In fact we’ll truly take responsibility for working toward what we want. Even more specifically, toward living our dream, for real. What’s more, today we’ll build on that foundational work of trusting in our lives and our creative processes. Because today our focus will go deep into your thoughts. And even deeper, to the power of your thoughts. And precisely to Who. You. Are. Not.

Make no mistake about it, this may sound a bit woo-woo, but it’s very exciting stuff. Potentially life-changing truth for you, for all of us. Think of everybody in your life who you love. And all the other talented humans who you may really want to collaborate with, to build something, whether personally or professionally. When you do this important inner work, its impact can reach way beyond you.

We are not, not, not our thoughts

Now. To the power of our thoughts, and Who. You. Are. Not. A critical piece of learning for me that I constantly re-learn, not a one-time “aha” like my epiphany with that wise elder woman in Episode 1, but more of a gradual and continuous oh, oh yeah, and then a forgetting, and then oh, oh yeah, a remembering that calms and aids me, is this: We, my dears, are not our thoughts. Please pause here. Take a moment to enjoy that sentence. Now think about its distinction for a second.

Despite how seriously those thoughts take themselves, you are not the thoughts that may or may not on any given day, in any given week or month or season, hinder you in living your dream. In essence, we are much bigger and deeper and potentially wiser and incredibly more powerful than the thoughts that tend to fill our time and steal our attention and ensnare our life force if we let them.

Walk this way toward what you want

So, on your path, getting very clear on the power of living this fundamental truth, that you are not your thoughts, isn’t stuff that’s separate from the pursuit of your goals. Quite the opposite: It is the work, until it comes to you—to us—at our bidding in crucial moments in ways that we can count on, like trusting that the sun will rise and set, and the tide will come in and go out. And yeah, I’m always working on this, too. Because the truth is it’s rigorous, powerful inner work that impacts everything else we humans are working on.

With this in mind, sink your teeth into podcast episode 3, Who. You. Are. Not., for more on this exciting truth. Afterward, let me know if you have a question I can address in a future episode!


Live Your Dream Podcast Episode 3 from Life Coach Teresa YoungTeresa Young wants you living your dream, for real. She coaches by phone, in person, and via Skype outside the U.S.