Want Success in the New Decade? Then Commit to Extraordinary Self-Care. Really.

On Success in the New Decade with Life Coach Teresa Young

We all want success in this brand spankin’ New Decade, right? So here’s a news flash: the nose-to-the-grindstone success model you may be sweating is, well, history.

To get in on the gig-wins game in 2020 and beyond, it’s time for a new kind of superpower: extraordinary self-care. Really. So stay with me while I break down my take on what that means, toward everything you want and deserve.

But first, to back up a bit, the truth is that even the basics of self-care can be challenging in the trenches of daily 21st century life. Let’s face it, life these days can be an ongoing blur of non-stop action!

So extraordinary self-care is truly rigorous stuff, requiring constant self-examination and resulting clarity about how we use our valuable time. About how—and in what—we invest our precious life force. So let’s go there.

And if you’re inclined to stop here, thinking you’ve got no time for this, you’re exactly the kind of being to whom I am writing! So slow your roll, settle in, and consider these few minutes an act of… yes, extraordinary self-care.

Ready for a new kind of rigor?

Because the subject goes deep fast, and gets real. In fact, it begins with reflecting on our motivations, on our beliefs about life and ourselves, motivations and beliefs that may cause us to tend to drive ourselves incessantly, pedal to the metal, like used cars we don’t value enough to maintain.

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