Remember to Play to Maximize Your Super-Productive Amazingness

Remember to Play - Life Coaching with Teresa Young

All work and no play makes… well, you know. But still, notice all the big and small anxieties and obstacles that may pop right up in front of you when you think about taking some real time for play time.

Really get your head in the playing game

This means time out that doesn’t just physically pause work mode. Instead, really turn your focus to playing and re-charging. Time psychologically and emotionally free from deadlines and devices, on hiatus from any and all projects.

Free from really still being in it and at it no matter what you’re doing or not doing. You creatively obsessed types know I’ve got your number, right? After all, it takes one to know one.

Though I’ll also note that some of you wise ones are really, really good at this! If so, be sure to celebrate that in yourself. Celebrate the inner and outer life you’ve crafted that’s super-conducive to balance in all things.

Get wise to your wiring

On the other hand, if real relaxation and play time, including real internal permission and cooperation, are a stretch for you, get curious about the “why” of that. What’s keeping the pedal to the metal, with you all work and no play?

The truth is, there can be so much in the mix. I laugh at my tendency to zip around like the energizer bunny in ways I found amusing about my mother for decades. She modeled it. I got the message on several levels.

Now I see it in my grown sons, too. We enjoy work. So we work! Given that truth, I’ll add that the image of a pendulum swinging helps me to craft balance.

Let the pendulum swing

Yep, let that pendulum swing, enjoyably. Time to work, time to play. Time to work… like your favorite playground swing set from childhood, back and forth and back again.

After all, a flow from work to play and back again is a dynamic you can count on, like sun and moon. Day and night. Even laughter and tears. It’s all in the mix. Beautifully.

Note the payoffs

And in the yin and yang of all things, you—and your loved ones—deserve play time! So set it aside. Schedule fun time. Chill time. Even just as a grand experiment. Afterward, as part of it, check in with the most goal-oriented part of you and note the value of that down time.

Zinged-up energy? Fresh ideas popping up out of nowhere?

I have no doubt your grand experiment will go beautifully. Now I’m signing off.  Gotta go plan a little road trip.


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