Are You a Leader? Yes. You Are. Now Be the Kind of Leader You Really Want to Be.

Are You a Leader - Life Coaching with Teresa Young

Ah, leadership. The word may seem overused these days, tossed around as the missing piece in any and all situations.

Or maybe in your mind it only applies to those suit-and-tie types in corner offices. But the fact is, these days we’re really all leaders of our own individual little bandwagons, trekking across the frontiers of 21st century life.

Because we know—or we’ve heard tell—that life is truly what we make of it now. There are so many possibilities. And so few certainties. Right? The old company man for 40 years game that our fathers or grandfathers played over the very long haul come hell or high water is, in fact, over.

These days our lives can and will change profoundly decade by decade, if not more often. Yep, my dears, we’d all be wise to consider ourselves leaders in the game of life that we’re each playing.

Leadership is us

So, in your personal or professional life, are you a water-cooler prophet? The kind of gal or guy that others want to hang out with and hear from during breaks in the action?

If so, are you busy inspiring them to be their best, toward what they want most, while doing that in your own approach? That’s leadership, my dears. Help people rise up. Build them up. No matter who or where you are.

In contrast, it can be easy to drag folks down with gossip. With tales of personal annoyances. With fears for the future or regrets about the past that anybody can relate to. But that stuff doesn’t help you—or all the people who enjoy you—have what you really want in life.

Then there’s that other scenario:

Are you the boss in the corner office, feeling isolated, stressed, or unfulfilled? Yearning for work/life balance that eludes you so far?



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Live Your Dream Podcast Episode 2: Time to… Trust. For Real.

My podcast Live Your Dream for Real, episode 2, is live on iTunes. In this one, covering more of what I’ll call foundational terrain, I get into trusting yourself and the flow of your life. Oh, and I don’t mean from some “Pollyanna Lalaland” perspective. Check it out:

Walking your talk and staying the course

So on your path, day to day, as you work on your dream, or at envisioning one that feels right, like you being you in life, how do you stay on that path, enjoyably, and sustainably?

Right now—or really as I was dreaming up the first draft of this episode—I’m out walking, visiting my mom and dad in their lovely neighborhood in the deep south. Specifically, I’m walking on what looks like a flat curb next to the road. It isn’t elevated. And it’s only about 12 inches wide. Maybe 10.

So that could represent the way it may feel at certain stages to walk your path. Maybe it feels narrow; maybe you feel vulnerable, not quite safe, not quite sure it’s sustainable. You may feel like you can easily veer off to the left or right, especially while working things out with the other people in your life.

Well, here’s the deal:

Trust, baby. Trust.

It partly becomes a matter of trust. Time to trust the flow of your life. And more: time to trust the unknowable future that, yep, may unfold in ways we aren’t expecting. Trust in the reality that it’s OK to be OK with that.

Because we can be committed to a path without being attached, clutchingly, blindly, to it. Right? In fact, does the word itself, “trust”, invite a little breath of relaxation into your being? Or the opposite: does it incite a bit of panic, like, oh, my gosh, could I ever really do that?

With good work to do

It’s a matter of trust in and acceptance of the fact that who you’re being on any given day—in any given week and month and season of your life—impacts the results that you’re getting and will get.

So in terms of solid foundational work, this is a core truth that I want to get into your thinking today. Something seemingly as “simple” as trusting in life, and the relaxation that giving ourselves permission to trust can bring, in fact impacts what we are able to create.

That’s both the good news and the challenge, right? Right. Now dive on into my podcast episode 2 for more on trust. And share your questions with me here. :)


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Take Time to Imagine Your Goals Anew. What Do You Want Right Now, in This “Empty” Season?

Imagine Your Life - Life Coaching with Teresa Young

Welcome to this little time out. Time just to ponder. Just to imagine. It’s a form of play that can, well, change your life! So stay with me here.

In thinking about my own ongoing progress toward my heartfelt goals, I’m ever and again surprised by my changing priorities. New drives and goals that I couldn’t have predicted a year ago are front and center now. Can you relate?

It’s exciting, and maybe maddening, especially for those who love us. It can cause us—and others—anxiety, too.

But it’s not really surprising if we take time to reflect on it all. Because life is long, and we’re living in an amazing age. So why not go for the gusto?

My father’s story

I flash on my father starting his forestry career in the early ’50s. He was 18 years old and fresh out of trade school. He did more training through correspondence courses later.

In those early days, he marked timber in the swamps of south Florida. He tells stories of being up to his waist in who knew what. Sandwich strapped to his back to keep it (relatively) dry. Ugh!

Four decades later, when he left that multi-national company in his late 50s to become a personal trainer, his role in the company had morphed again and again. Meanwhile he raised three kids with my mom, pursued passions for physical fitness, music, and more, and certified as a trainer.

He retired from that mega-corporation as keeper of digital land records for all holdings. By then it was a tech gig through and through.

This daddy’s girl knows the keys to his success included adaptability, a habit of saying, “sure, I can do that” and then figuring it out, and just plain steady growth. No standing still. Year after year.

Fast forward

The wildest part of this story is that that was then—the last few years of the 20th century, when things were ramping up big-time—and this is now. The world is changing lightning fast these days. Under our feet. Under our fingertips. All around us. All the time. So what’s a human to do?

The truth is, continuous growth and development seem like necessary self-defense in the midst of it all. And guess what? Growth often means change. Permission to change. To shake things up.

So today I’m thinking about one particular insight from some training I did back in the day. It has aided me in countless ways since.

It’s the principle that, well, basically, life is empty, my dears. Oh, and it’s meaningless, too.

Emptiness and us

I know this news may not make your day, but stay with me. It’s meant to grab your attention. Ultimately it’s about freedom. Freedom to create your own meaning.

For a minute, consider this empty worldview the cleanest of slates. Imagine life without anyone expecting anything in particular of you. Or maybe they do, but in a meaningless universe, what does it matter? Only as much as you want it to.

And of course I’m playing with you a bit, to get you thinking, and then to ask you this: When you imagine the absence of whatever seems to limit your choices, what’s most important to you?

What, in your heart of hearts, is deeply meaningful? What could you daydream and scheme about night after so-inspired-that-you’re-sleepless night?

And maybe as you’re reading this, you know in your heart and gut that you’re already living all that. If so, bravo!

Imagine your life

If not, then start reflecting on what really is vital to you, and what might just be habit. Ways of thinking, feeling, and living on auto-pilot. Settling. Giving up.

Try envisioning everything that’s most real and important to you. Then hold onto that vision. Play with it. Give it space. Develop and expand it! Not as wishful thinking, but as one way of working on your personal and professional goals. There’s power in getting crystal clear on what matters most to you. Next step from there is to, well, create some next steps.

And as you start that good work, reach out for expert support toward the clarity and forward movement that you deserve. It will be my privilege to assist from my beautiful, empty reality. :)


Remember to Play to Maximize Your Super-Productive Amazingness

Remember to Play - Life Coaching with Teresa Young

All work and no play makes… well, you know. But still, if you’re highly goal-oriented, I’ll bet you routinely notice all the big and small inner and outer obstacles that pop right up when you think about taking some real time for play time. And this wired-to-work life coach can relate! So let’s go there. I want to let you in on what I’ve learned about the importance of play.

Really get your head in the playing game

First, let me be clear. When I say play, I mean real time out, not just sorta kinda pausing work mode. Instead, this is time to really turn your focus to having fun, fooling around, lolling around, adventuring, whatever you’re feeling, except working. This is step-away-and-come-back-refreshed time. For real.

Yes, this kind of play time is really, truly free of deadlines and devices, free from any and all projects. Free from still being in it and at it no matter what you’re doing or not doing.

Full disclosure, this isn’t the most natural thing in the world for me either. I adore all my projects and devices! And I’m also crystal clear that rejuvenation through play is important for all of us.

Though I’ll also note that some of you wise ones are good at making time to play. If so, celebrate this special superpower of yours. Celebrate the inner and outer life you’ve crafted that includes this kind of balance.

Get wise to your wiring

On the other hand, if real relaxation and play time are a stretch for you, here’s a baby step in that direction: gift yourself with a little time to get curious about the “why” of that. What keeps the pedal to the metal, with you all work and no play?

The truth is, there can be so much in the mix. I smile at my own tendency to zip around like the energizer bunny in ways that I laughed at my mother for doing for decades. She modeled it. And though as a kid I may have thought she was being silly or even wrong-headed (“just watch the movie, Mom!”), ultimately I got the message on several levels.


What keeps the pedal to the metal,
with you all work and no play?


Now I see it in my grown sons. We enjoy work. So we work! Given that truth, these days the image of a pendulum swinging back and forth is helping me to craft some balance.

Let the pendulum swing

Yes, let that pendulum swing, enjoyably. Time to work, time to play. Time to work… like your favorite playground swing set from childhood, back and forth and back again. And how about some sweet spots, some favorite win-win activities, right in the middle? How about the fun of finding a new kind of balance?

After all, a flow from work to play and back again is a dynamic you can count on, like sun and moon. Day and night. It’s all in the mix, beautifully.

And note the payoffs

In the yin and yang of all things, you—and your loved ones—definitely deserve play time! So do set it aside. Schedule fun time. Chill time. Even just as a grand experiment. Afterward, as part of this experiment in taking your foot off the gas, check in with the most goal-oriented part of you. Note the value of that down time.

A surge of energy? Fresh ideas popping up out of nowhere? Less resistance to that thing you’ve been resisting?

I have no doubt that your grand experiment will pay off with practice. Let me know! Meanwhile I’ve gotta go plan the day trip that’s been calling me. :)

Teresa Young