Live Your Dream Podcast Episode 4: Make a New Friend of Your Fear. Then Rock On.

My Live Your Dream for Real podcast episode 4 is now live. And it’s one for all ages, on that most human of experiences: fear! Can you relate? Yes you can. Right?

Check it out here, as you live your dream. For real.

OK, let’s talk fear

I received a great question, actually two, that I’ll share with you exactly as they came to me:

Do you feel that the fear one experiences contributes to the attraction of negative energy? If so, do you have any tips for overcoming or avoiding that situation?

One thing about this particular set of questions is that it’s from the amazing dad of a very creative 10 year-old girl. So my goal in this episode is to address these questions in a way that works for kids, AND of course for the child in all of us.

No Catch 22 allowed here

First, on that great question about fear contributing to the attraction of negative energy, I think it’s important to avoid the extra layer of fear that a belief like this could create! Talk about a negative loop, or a Catch 22 for us grownups, right? The truth is, fear is part of the human journey. It’s part of who we are.

In a novel I read a few months ago an early main character, a little girl who later became an author, started very early telling scary stories to all the kids in her life. Two generations later, another main character, the little girl’s grown granddaughter, went poking around learning about her grandmother, the “authoress.”

She was trying to answer the question of who she came from. And the elders who were still in that long-ago neighborhood, the little girl’s friends of that time, still remembered the scary stories she told, and how much they all loved them! Without a doubt life is like that, right?

Listen for more on an upbeat approach

For more on this topic, dive into my podcast episode 4. Then let me know if you have a question.



Life Coaching with Teresa Young
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Teresa Young wants you living your dream, for real. She coaches by phone, in person in Los Angeles, and via Skype outside the U.S.


On Love, Committed Relationship, and Endings in 21st Century Life

Life Coaching with Teresa Young

I Knew a Good Man, Darling

I knew
a good man
who couldn’t
relish spring
and the sweetness
in his garden.

Relax, my
love, enjoy,
I teased,
laughed, whispered,

I realized
a piece
a promise:

I am yours
and will
never leave you,
Or sweeter:

I’ll only go
if you
want me
if you
want to go,
I’ll say,

           — Teresa Young

Love is a helluva drug

I wouldn’t usually, as in ever, add any kind of narrative to a poem. But today I feel like it. I’m breaking my own rule. Like eating potato chips late at night. :)

Because the dance of love is like nothing else. Love really is a helluva drug. (And who the hell first said that? I’ve been trying to find out.) There’s nothing more mysterious than love.  Nothing more maddening. Nothing more of a secret.

I’ve been feeling for years that every love relationship is a secret. No one outside it can really know its peaks and valleys, its nuances. Its dark patches and desert places. Whether or not it’s ultimately a place of mutual growth, of rest, of self-expression. Of comfort and delight. All that we crave and deserve.

Love and commitment

And does a committed love relationship have to be all that? Or is commitment itself, that willingness, more important than partners being all things to each other? And is being everything to one soul even healthy?

In fact, you could say romantic love and commitment are separate topics. But in modern western culture, where half of committed relationships end, committed love fascinates me. And note that I skipped the word marriage. It leaves some folks out.

Meanwhile, in my own second marriage, I intend to go the distance. And to facilitate that for others. This part of my coaching work is a privilege.

That which ends also matters

There are other crucial aspects of relationship to facilitate, too. Like endings. It’s important that they’re done well, with respect for all parties. With kindness and gentleness, honoring both what was and what is. It’s possible. The truth really does set us free.

And of course, even aided by gentleness, endings also burn like hell. The pain burns cleanest if we’re as kind to one another as possible in the process. It helps us heal. And we do.

Anyway, life is long, and we want—we are determined—to love and be loved well. Our expectations are astronomical. And just like every other form of freedom in 21st century life, we’re free to pursue what we want most.

The how of it all matters

I’m profoundly interested in how we care for one another and ourselves along the way. Indeed, I say that’s one of our most sacred opportunities here on the wild, wonderful journey of modern life.

Are you in the throes of something immense in the realm of love in which confidential support could help? Let me know.



Life Coaching with Teresa Young
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Teresa Young wants you living your dream, for real. She coaches by phone, in person in Los Angeles, and via Skype outside the U.S.



Re-Energize After the Holidays, Before the Busy-ness Begins All Over Again

Re-Energize After the Holidays - Life Coach Teresa Young

The holiday season that you just celebrated—in whatever ways—can be intense, right? Family, friends, gifts, rituals, messy people, neat freaks, old issues, new plot twists… it’s often, well, a lot. Whew.

And you no doubt did your part to try to make the season a beautiful one. Time to re-energize now.

Now, back at work, at home, at school, you may be feeling just how much life force you expended in the process. It’s time now, as you settle back into your relatively comforting routines, to re-energize. Time for some smart strategies to put the zest back in your step while you prep to make the most of all the natural motivation that the New Year brings.

Read more here at


Life Coaching with Teresa Young
Photo: John Livzey

Teresa Young wants you living your dream, for real. She coaches by phone, in person in Los Angeles, and via Skype outside the U.S.



Live Your Dream Podcast Episode 3: Who. You. Are. Not.


My podcast episode 3, Live Your Dream for Real, is live on iTunes, my dears. In this episode we’ll get down into the power of your thoughts as you live your dream, including, and especially: Who. You. Are. Not.


Who. You. Are… whaaaat?

In podcast episode 3, Who. You. Are. Not., we’ll build on that deeper truth that I mentioned in episode 2, beyond any kind of passive approach to life. In fact we’ll truly take responsibility for working toward what we want. Even more, toward living our dream. For real.

And today we’ll build on that foundational work of trusting in our lives and our creative processes. Because today our focus will go deep into your thoughts. And even deeper, to the power of your thoughts. And precisely to Who. You. Are. Not.

Make no mistake about it, this is very exciting stuff. Potentially life-changing truth for all of us. Think of everybody in your life who you love. And all the other talented humans who you may really want to collaborate with, to build something with, personally or professionally. When you do this inner work, its impact can reach way beyond you.

We are not, not, not our thoughts

Now. To the power of our thoughts, and Who. You. Are. Not. A big piece of learning for me that I constantly re-learn, not a one-time “aha” like the moment with that wise woman in Episode 1, is this: We, my dears, are not our thoughts. Please pause here.

Take a second to enjoy that sentence. Now think about it for a second more.

Because despite how seriously any thoughts take themselves, you are not whatever thoughts may or may not on any given day, in any given week or month or season, hinder you in living your dream. In fact, we are much bigger and deeper and potentially wiser and more powerful than the thoughts that tend to fill our time and steal our attention and ensnare our life force if we let them.

Walk this way toward what you want

So, on your path, getting very clear on the power of living this fundamental truth, that you are not your thoughts, isn’t stuff that’s separate from the pursuit of your goals. Quite the opposite: It is the work, until it comes to you—to us—at our bidding in moments and in ways that we can count on, like trusting that the sun will rise and set, and the tide will come in and go out.

And yes, I’m always working on this, too. Because the truth is, it’s rigorous work. It’s powerful work. And it ultimately impacts everything else we’re working on.

With this in mind, sink your teeth into podcast episode 3, Who. You. Are. Not., for more on all this. After, please let me know if you have a question I can address in a future episode!


Life Coaching with Teresa Young
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Teresa Young wants you living your dream, for real. She coaches by phone, in person in Los Angeles, and via Skype outside the U.S.


Are You a Leader? Yes. You Are. Now Be the Kind of Leader You Really Want to Be.

Are You a Leader - Life Coaching with Teresa Young

Ah, leadership. The word may seem overused these days, tossed around as the missing piece in any and all situations.

Or maybe in your mind it only applies to those suit-and-tie types in corner offices. But the fact is, these days we’re really all leaders of our own individual little bandwagons, trekking across the frontiers of 21st century life.

Because we know—or we’ve heard tell—that life is truly what we make of it now. There are so many possibilities. And so few certainties. Right? The old company man for 40 years game that our fathers or grandfathers played over the very long haul come hell or high water is, in fact, over.

These days our lives can and will change profoundly decade by decade, if not more often. Yep, my dears, we’d all be wise to consider ourselves leaders in the game of life that we’re each playing.

Leadership is us

So, in your personal or professional life, are you a water-cooler prophet? The kind of gal or guy that others want to hang out with and hear from during breaks in the action?

If so, are you busy inspiring them to be their best, toward what they want most, while doing that in your own approach? That’s leadership, my dears. Help people rise up. Build them up. No matter who or where you are.

In contrast, it can be easy to drag folks down with gossip. With tales of personal annoyances. With fears for the future or regrets about the past that anybody can relate to. But that stuff doesn’t help you—or all the people who enjoy you—have what you really want in life.

Then there’s that other scenario:

Are you the boss in the corner office, feeling isolated, stressed, or unfulfilled? Yearning for work/life balance that eludes you so far?



Life Coaching with Teresa Young
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Teresa Young wants you living your dream, for real. She coaches by phone, in person in Los Angeles, and via Skype outside the U.S.





Live Your Dream Podcast Episode 2: Time to… Trust. For Real.

My podcast Live Your Dream for Real, episode 2, is live on iTunes. In this one, covering more of what I’ll call foundational terrain, I get into trusting yourself and the flow of your life. Oh, and I don’t mean from some “Pollyanna Lalaland” perspective. Check it out:

Walking your talk and staying the course

So on your path, day to day, as you work on your dream, or at envisioning one that feels right, like you being you in life, how do you stay on that path, enjoyably, and sustainably?

Right now—or really as I was dreaming up the first draft of this episode—I’m out walking, visiting my mom and dad in their lovely neighborhood in the deep south. Specifically, I’m walking on what looks like a flat curb next to the road. It isn’t elevated. And it’s only about 12 inches wide. Maybe 10.

So that could represent the way it may feel at certain stages to walk your path. Maybe it feels narrow; maybe you feel vulnerable, not quite safe, not quite sure it’s sustainable. You may feel like you can easily veer off to the left or right, especially while working things out with the other people in your life.

Well, here’s the deal:

Trust, baby. Trust.

It partly becomes a matter of trust. Time to trust the flow of your life. And more: time to trust the unknowable future that, yep, may unfold in ways we aren’t expecting. Trust in the reality that it’s OK to be OK with that.

Because we can be committed to a path without being attached, clutchingly, blindly, to it. Right? In fact, does the word itself, “trust”, invite a little breath of relaxation into your being? Or the opposite: does it incite a bit of panic, like, oh, my gosh, could I ever really do that?

With good work to do

It’s a matter of trust in and acceptance of the fact that who you’re being on any given day—in any given week and month and season of your life—impacts the results that you’re getting and will get.

So in terms of solid foundational work, this is a core truth that I want to get into your thinking today. Something seemingly as “simple” as trusting in life, and the relaxation that giving ourselves permission to trust can bring, in fact impacts what we are able to create.

That’s both the good news and the challenge, right? Right. Now dive on into my podcast episode 2 for more on trust. And share your questions with me here. :)


Life Coaching with Teresa Young
Photo: John Livzey

Teresa Young wants you living your dream, for real. She coaches by phone, in person in Los Angeles, and via Skype outside the U.S.