Keep Growing, Interesting Ones, Rockin’ the Wild, Wonderful Journey

Are you one of those folks who are still and always naturally focused on growing? If the truth is “not so much”, check out this bit of sung wisdom from Bob Dylan:

He [and she who is] not busy being born is busy dying.

In fact, “aging gracefully” is more doable now than ever. The days when young folks had all the fun are over. Days when they had all the freedom. Now it’s totally possible for us to have multiple phases of life that are in fact age-neutral.

Changing the game

These days, people in their 50s, 60s, 70s, even 80s and 90s are living radically different lives from what was once the norm. And of course many still do act out beliefs that a certain age means it’s time to be tired. Unhealthy. Overweight. Maybe even done with real self-care.

But many, many others are still jamming away at their dreams and goals way past the old “put ’em out to pasture” days. They exercise, eat smart, and practice self-care strategies like mindfulness and meditation that can truly change the aging game.

A growth mindset is win-win

Yep, our efforts to always continue growing are absolutely win-win. Because when we stay “busy being born”, the wisdom of our elder years has maximum space and time to develop. That’s one win. The other is that then we get to share that goodness in all kinds of satisfying ways.

And I say that matters, interesting ones! Because we have our own difference to continue to make. Traditional societies have always known this, with revered elders holding court on all kinds of important parts of life. But modern culture forgot. These days it’s time to change the game back again.

So I say the early 21st century is an amazing time to be “maturing.” What’s possible is up to us.

As birthdays accumulate

And of course no amount of self-care negates everything forever, no matter how much yoga we do. :) In truth, we all need ever greater inner fortitude as our birthdays accumulate. A continuous growth mindset helps us claim and express that fortitude in the ways we live the 4th quarter of our precious lives.

So bravo to all who are jamming on beyond all kinds of old boundaries. As you walk your own wild, wonderful 21st century path, remember to keep continuous growth and daily self care in the mix.

And do share your own brand of mature wisdom and beauty with the world. Make the difference that’s uniquely yours to make. I say that’s you rockin’ life your way.


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