Live Your Dream Podcast Episode 3: Who. You. Are. Not.


My podcast episode 3, Live Your Dream for Real, is live on iTunes, my dears. In this episode we’ll get down into the power of your thoughts as you live your dream, including, and especially: Who. You. Are. Not.


Who. You. Are… whaaaat?

In podcast episode 3, Who. You. Are. Not., we’ll build on that deeper truth that I mentioned in episode 2, beyond any kind of passive approach to life. In fact we’ll truly take responsibility for working toward what we want. Even more, toward living our dream. For real.

And today we’ll build on that foundational work of trusting in our lives and our creative processes. Because today our focus will go deep into your thoughts. And even deeper, to the power of your thoughts. And precisely to Who. You. Are. Not.

Make no mistake about it, this is very exciting stuff. Potentially life-changing truth for all of us. Think of everybody in your life who you love. And all the other talented humans who you may really want to collaborate with, to build something with, personally or professionally. When you do this inner work, its impact can reach way beyond you.

We are not, not, not our thoughts

Now. To the power of our thoughts, and Who. You. Are. Not. A big piece of learning for me that I constantly re-learn, not a one-time “aha” like the moment with that wise woman in Episode 1, is this: We, my dears, are not our thoughts. Please pause here.

Take a second to enjoy that sentence. Now think about it for a second more.

Because despite how seriously any thoughts take themselves, you are not whatever thoughts may or may not on any given day, in any given week or month or season, hinder you in living your dream. In fact, we are much bigger and deeper and potentially wiser and more powerful than the thoughts that tend to fill our time and steal our attention and ensnare our life force if we let them.

Walk this way toward what you want

So, on your path, getting very clear on the power of living this fundamental truth, that you are not your thoughts, isn’t stuff that’s separate from the pursuit of your goals. Quite the opposite: It is the work, until it stays with you—with us—like a loyal companion, ever ready to aid us in moments and in ways that we can count on, like trusting that the sun will rise and set, and the tide will come in and go out.

And yes, I’m always working on this, too. Because the truth is, it’s rigorous work. It’s powerful work. And it ultimately impacts everything else we’re working on.

With this in mind, sink your teeth into podcast episode 3, Who. You. Are. Not., for more on all this. After, please let me know if you have a question I can address in a future episode!