In praise of mothering

How it changes us forever! This photo caught the moments in which I became a mother in my gut, in my heart. A physical and psychic sensation flooded my whole being. Feeling like Mother Earth herself, I was fiercely energized, ready to growl, pace, and protect as needed. This beautiful baby is now a man, with two grown Young brothers and his own fascinating daughter. And of course my mothering continues, with this season’s joys and challenges. Just as my own dear mom is still mothering me.

Mothers care for each other, too, sharing large and small happinesses and heartbreaks, with permission to “preach to the choir” as needed. The profound shift I experienced above included an amazed aha!–new solidarity with every woman in the world who has ever given birth with the intent to become what she suddenly must.

I’ve also known women and men who have mothered without being “mother”, women and men equally committed and engaged in selfless giving to another or others for some life-giving purpose. You know who you are. I’m in awe of the depth of your yes as a nurturing force on the planet.

So, today, here’s to mothering! Not to us, but to everything that mothering requires, teaches, and gifts us all with so extravagantly. Truly beautiful.


Teresa Young teaches private music students in Los Angeles and coaches savvy folks in accomplishing passion-based goals in healthy new ways. Clients include Boomers seeking fulfillment in the second half of life and GenXers and Millennials looking for meaning from the start. Teresa coaches by phone, in person, and via Skype outside the U.S.