Venice Beach

Our antidote to yesterday’s Easter malaise
was that local bastion of full-on bohemian rhapsody,

Venice Beach. Skaters tripped past biker traffic jams
as ambulators shopped, sauntered, ran (some danced),

while encamped others sipped and nibbled
and the day’s de facto hosts of all shapes, sizes, ages,

hues, and nations hawked wares from back in the day
to beyond time in extravaganzas of self-expression

to the tune of hip-hop meets psychedelia
and the perfume of cheap to primo weed

meets salt air. We hit the scene hyped
from working hard to park without spending $20

and found—after calibrating our vibe
at a sidewalk cafe during part 1, grok the view

ourselves divinely attuned to the weirdo showboat rodeo
on glorious display. In part 2, communion,

we strolled through and were jazzed by
one kaleidoscope of idiosyncrasy after another

as the alt-Easter people came out, man.
This ritual’s a keeper.


#17 of 30 poems in 30 days for National Poetry Writing Month, April 2017


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