Active Imagination

Getting to the goal beneath goals, using
an exercise in “Haiku-ishness” as form

My animus is
running me ragged. But no
sense resisting him.

Right. Every day
and night, the goal, the goal, at
no matter what cost.

And what does a girl
then get, besides broadcasting
her badassness in

ways that perhaps don’t
amount to a goddamned thing?
Yet a girl must do

what she must do when
driven by her inner man.
So I’ll just ask you,

worker within: how
does a badass celebrate
the sensate? Touché,

lady. In truth, use
me. Direct me in new ways
to energize and

express your deepest
secret priorities and
jam on your one life!

Now there’s a pact for
us, dear masculine in me:
let’s dance on down the

forest road, along
the transcendental river
we’re here to explore.


#12 of 30 poems in 30 days for National Poetry Writing Month, April 2017


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