What About the Children

75 miles or so
from San Bernardino,
here     right   here
which my people in Florida still worry
about like mud slides
and wild fire,
I can’t get any closer
to what happened again
yesterday than
it’s   just     just
I just can’t
I can’t   what

It feels   here
in the U.S. in the 21st century
again    again. But that doesn’t mean
I’m not thinking.
I’m  burning   sage     to
I want    to
stop    thinking
I   don’t     don’t
want     to

what can I,
will we,
do? About
our children?     Chicago
About the children
of Syria?     Yemen
The world
keeps getting smaller,
the stakes higher, and
we   just   don’t     we     just
don’t    just  don’t     know

don’t   have     the       will
may   the   gods    forgive    us
all    of      us
forgive      us     again
and    again
and  again


#11 of 30 poems in 30 days for National Poetry Writing Month, April 2017

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