NaPoWriMo2017 ~ Celebrating the Sensate

I’m a lifelong student of Jungian psychology, and an INFP on the Myers-Briggs scale. These days I’m intent on developing my “inferior function”, the dark side of my moon, beyond the who I’ve always known myself to be. And my inferior function is sensation. In matters Jungian, sensation is the polar opposite of high-flying intuition: so here and now, so touch, taste, smell, see, and hear. So feet to the ground.

So my challenge to myself this month is to express my experience of the sensate world, in my own—I’ll say spare—way. It’s a challenge to my strong suit of intuiting away every day, in every way. Today, in this pregnant moment, this is what’s up for me developmentally. My sweet spot is no doubt some mix of what’s strongly me and what’s nascent now. And I declare from the start that it’s all good. I don’t mean the poems, though I’ll strive for that. I mean this (sacred) process.

Now off I go. Ahhhh, the sweetness of beginnings. You know.

Celebrating the Sensate ~ a poem a day for National Poetry Writing Month, April 2017:

#1  ~  Oh, Teacher
#2  ~  Energy and the Existential
#3  ~  Strength in Seeing Your Bloom
#4  ~  Where Did You Go
#5  ~  On Spring
#6  ~  Corner of Raymer and Encino
#7  ~  Maggie, Mad for Him
#8  ~  That Rebel Wind
#9  ~  To Really Rest is Really Just
#10 ~ To You, Moon
#11 ~ What About the Children
#12 ~ Active Imagination
#13 ~ To a Man Outside Albertson’s
#14 ~ Rumi, Rilke, and Maya Angelou Knew
#15 ~ Him Wanting Her
#16 ~ Homage to Easters Gone
#17 ~ Venice Beach
#18 ~ Way Too Many Words
#19 ~ Being Near You
#20 ~ Nothing is Something and More
#21 ~ Morning
#22 ~ Today on Earth
#23 ~ Sensing Sunday
#24 ~ 24.
#25 ~ This Minor Voice
#26 ~ Art and Fatigue
#27 ~ Beautiful People
#28 ~ Something About a Flower
#29 ~ Laughing at Death and After
#30 ~ On Music and These Men