Beauty of Books

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An Open Life,
Love and Will, and
The Joy of Feeling are only part

of what I wish for you, and you,
and He, and She Who Is
Lying with the Heavenly Woman, here
in The Age of Rock,

amidst The Denial of Death
and Reefer Madness,
Old and New.
The Habit of Being

The Ravaged Bridegroom
In a Different Voice paints
our Potted Histories
and colors How We Die, dears. Yes,

Dancing in the Flames changes
Values of the Game, as
Women Who Run with the Wolves know
from The Taoist I Ching.

Eastern Body, Western Mind is busy
Reinventing Medicine through
The Power of Myth
and Barefoot Shiatsu.

Meanwhile, darlings,
in your Descent to the Goddess,
Teach Yourself Massage
and watch The Leaves of Grass grow.

Poem #10 of 30 for National Poetry Writing Month April 2016