Gregg Braden’s 15 Keys to “Conscious Creation”

An In-depth Summary and Review

Creativity MuseMy explorer friends Ricardo Accorsi and Linda Parker introduced me to Gregg Braden’s wild work. I took the extensive notes below at the end of 2014. I was reflecting on my year while listening to the final chapter of Gregg’s unabridged audio-book, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief, one of his many works.

I experience Gregg’s work as critically important, because:

1. he integrates the most exciting scientific findings of our time with ancient wisdom traditions,
2. he writes well, and
3. he’s equally powerful as a narrator/presenter.

This “triple threat” makes his work cutting-edge coaching in shifting beliefs and patterns toward consciously creating what we want. I’ve included a link to the audiobook above and in the final paragraph below.

As you read, imagine applying Gregg’s “15 Keys of Conscious Creation” to your life. My verbatim notes are in bold and regular type, and my comments are in green italics. Enjoy, and note that this is rich fare. Take your time. Take a break! Come back to it. It’ll be here.

Our beliefs become the software that actually programs our reality. That’s a strong statement, right? I suggest pausing to reflect on it. Our beliefs become the software that programs our reality. I get instantly curious and alert, like a gong has sounded a signal deep in my heart and mind.

Unlocking the MindGregg isn’t by any means the first person to make this provocative statement. What’s important and timely about his work is his very careful, thoughtful synthesis of decades of rigorous scientific research and exploration with the teachings and practices of ancient wisdom traditions. 

The “15 keys” that follow are code for change. Gregg offers the instruction that, with each key sequentially in place in our understanding, as part of us, actively explored and lived in our daily inner and outer lives, we change, experiencing and living transformation, and thus we change the world around us. He says: Meditate and reflect on each key, taking the time to internalize them and make them your own. Don’t be deceived by their apparent simplicity.

A "Rose" of Galaxies

A “Rose” of Galaxies, Hubble Telescope

1.  The universe is an intelligent field of energy.  Gregg initially trained in the hard sciences. He worked as a geologist and then as a senior computer technologist in the defense industry at the close of the cold war. He has since come to the conclusion above, along with many of the world’s leading physicists, biologists and epigeneticists who have been working on the forefront of the evolutionary sciences for the past forty years. He summarizes recent “paradigm shattering” findings in this audiobook. And very importantly, he includes research that goes much further back but didn’t fit the scientific mindset of its time and was thus considered anomalous. So he tells this story in a way that helps our rational minds to grasp it, including the fact that it has been slowly coming together since the early 20th century.

2.  Everything is connected to everything else in the field, and the implications of that are vast.  Gregg shares the results of fascinating experiments like a photon being split in two, with the two halves separated by fourteen miles. One half was then subjected to changes that instantly impacted the other despite time and distance. Consider what this means for you and me.

Sombrero Galaxy - Hubble Telescope

Sombrero Galaxy – Hubble Telescope

3.  Unleashing the power of the universe takes first experiencing ourselves within it, as truly, fully connected and part of that intelligent field rather than alone and outside of it. How many of us feel, truthfully, deep down, in our secret, silent core, alone in the world? The world’s foremost physicists and biologists have come to the tested conclusion that this belief is an error. The tipping point has occurred in interpreting all the research data that has been generated, and a foundational shift is underway in scientific interpretations of the world and our place in it. This new “quantum knowledge” hasn’t yet made it into textbooks. There is no “name” for it yet. Gregg chooses to use “the divine matrix.” Take the time, whether moments, hours, days, or weeks, to truly breathe into this key. Experiment with it. Celebrate it. For rationalists like me, it really does change everything.

4.  Once something is joined together, it will always be connected. How does this key impact your life? Allow it. Revel in it. Play with it. Pray with it, because in this mindset your prayers connect with their recipient instantly, and not as sweet thoughts and wishes, but as usable energy. To share a bit more about myself, prayer isn’t something that I’ve been able to authentically engage in for the past fifteen years or more. In this context, I’ve been taking it up again. That’s just one impact of this work on me.

Conscious5.  The act of observation is an act of creation. Consciousness is a creative act. Imagine this. Our consciousness has an impact. Again, this changes everything. Our intentional attention to the largest and smallest details of our lives is a creative act, not “just” a state of being. And I know: we have heard this before. But Gregg has organized all these powerful concepts for us and backed them up. His approach absolutely works for me, energizing me and catapulting me forward.

6.  We each have all the power we need to create the change we choose in the world. Consider this. Imagine it. Declare it for yourself. Meanwhile, truth be told, over here in my belief system, despite Gregg’s assertion that these keys are sequential, I need the ones that come next to create a place in my heart for this one, free of what feels to me like “New Age woowoo” that has worn as thin for me as tired religious language and images. When it comes to our power to “create our own reality”, I tend to go straight to a feeling of blah, blah, blah. That confessed, I’m intrigued and energized because of the intelligent context that Gregg creates, and I’m movin’ on to the juicy counsel ahead.

7.  The focus of our feelings becomes the reality of our world. We’re creating from our hearts, not our minds. I’m repeating the first part of that so you don’t breeze by it. The focus of our feelings becomes the reality of our world. Think belief systems again. Consider what parts of our belief systems serve us—because make no mistake, we each have our own, often largely unconscious—and what parts don’t. Get exquisitely conscious of all that. This key is a whole topic unto itself, with more and more data demonstrating that “who we are” is not, in fact, totally localized in the brain, and that the heart actually regularly transmits far more information to the brain than vice versa. To me, this new knowledge is thrilling. It profoundly affects the way I will live from here forward.

Running8.  Simply saying what we believe isn’t enough. We have to follow through in all the ways that allow us to embody that new reality in the way we live our lives. Again, for me, these keys are interdependent, since the next one informs this one and the two before in ways that make a difference to me. Meanwhile, as a couple of examples, we can’t stump for world peace in a meaningful way while nursing seething resentments against the guy in the next office. We can’t tape affirmations of self-love onto our bathroom mirrors and expect intoning them daily to change our lives while we’re still over-eating, drinking too much, and narcotizing ourselves in other ways. Em-body-ing our beliefs is another matter entirely.

9.  The feeling that comes from what we believe is a language unto itself, a language of the divine matrix that the consciousness field recognizes. Whoa. Stop, rewind, repeat. Reflect. The feeling that comes from what we believe is… powerful! To make change in the world, think, feel, and believe in what you want. Engage your heart. Go for it. Feel the feeling of the accomplished outcome that you seek. Feel the wonder of it, your delicious sense of gratitude for it, and live in those feelings, as an awe-filled discipline, rather than operating from a rational focus on all the things you need to do to achieve that outcome. Wild, yes?

Don’t skip your to-do list; tackle it enjoyably, with that quality of feeling. With that happiness! To me, this perspective constitutes a tectonic shift from “committed action”, “will power”, “forging ahead despite obstacles”, etc. It hits me with a seismic wave of energy, re-grounding my approach in rich soil. As we live our daily lives like this, the journey truly becomes its own verdant destination. Oasis living, anyone? Woohoo!

Creativity Muse10.  Not just any feeling or quality of consciousness will do; creative consciousness comes from a non-ordinary state, a place without ego, without attachment to outcome, without judgment of what will happen if what we want isn’t realized. As we become the feeling of our wish fulfilled and our prayer already answered, and as we do so without judgment, that quality of belief makes the changes that we want. So beautiful: a powerful sense of gratitude for the outcomes that we seek, without attachment to those outcomes. There’s paradox here, yes? Paradox that moves us forward as part of a deeply creative, non-ordinary state of consciousness and way of living.

GhandiDalai Lama11.  We must become in our lives what we choose to experience in our world. We’re familiar with the call to love and compassion-in-action of many wisdom traditions. This time, at this juncture in my own life, I experience this reminder as an opportunity to experience life in a very imaginative, even playful, context, while Mother Teresabecoming more and more conscious of my own consciousness—exercising my capacity for metaconsciousness—and living those emerging capabilities. Imagine truly, consistently living within and through the power of our imaginations, from and through our hearts, through feeling, trust, gratitude, and wonder. To me this is about nothing less than the continuing evolution of our species.

Roll of the Dice12.  We are not bound by the limits of traditional physics and biology as we know them today. Again, this is its own immense topic with immense implications for our lives. I hear and read freedom in this key, freedom from a quietly insidious determinism that has been encroaching on modern life in all areas more and more of late; freedom from a mechanistic, roll-of-the-dice framework that has felt more and more like a desert place in my own increasingly existential heart. Once past an anthropomorphic view of the divine, past concretizing our religious instincts and inflating our place in creation, and beyond mourning genetics as the new determinism, this key is healing balm. (Thank the gods and goddesses!)

And I realize that I haven’t yet touched on genetics and the emerging science of epigenetics. Gregg’s illumination of the work of biologists like Dr. Bruce Lipton is, again, “paradigm shattering”, and I feel like refraining from spoiling the movie. For now, I’ll note my relief at this chance to step back from the abyss of “genetic determinism” and explore Gregg’s cutting-edge synthesis of old and new knowledge, new ways of languaging our lives, and new challenges to truly stretch ourselves, to never cease learning, growing, and expecting the unexpected and the mysterious, always seeking to express our human potential in more and more magnificent ways. Incredibly exciting.

Holograph13.  We are holographic beings, and we create holographically. So the quality of our consciousness creates the universe. The quality of our “inner world”, our inner work, affects our outer world, not just our households, families, neighborhoods, workplaces, and communities, but beyond. As we do our work, healing, growing, evolving, becoming more and more conscious of our impact on everyone and everything around us, we co-create the larger world for our human—and non-human—family. And again, this isn’t a new message. But in this context I find it exciting and energizing rather than overwhelming.

14.  The instant we create our prayers and good wishes for our loved ones, they’re already at their destination and with them. This is the power and the beauty of living in a holographic universe. Imagine, then, the power of our thoughts, of our emotions, of our prayers. Consider our responsibility to do our own work of becoming exquisitely conscious of beliefs that color our thoughts and feelings. Imagine the beauty and creativity of living within this powerful belief system. And go for it! I’ve begun, which is a dramatic shift from my naturally existential constitution. Time to begin a series of journal entries to record the wild, wonderful developments that are ensuing.

Riverbank15.  The world around us is nothing more and nothing less than a mirror of what we become from within. The divine matrix, the field that makes up this universe, is a container, a bridge, and a mirror. That mirror is sometimes the most difficult of these keys to look within, because, though our inner creations are not always conscious or intentional, the mirror is honest, reflecting the output from our “consciousness computer.” What we see there is the ultimate “feedback loop” regarding our inner beliefs.

If we have the wisdom to recognize what that mirror is saying to us, we have the power to learn very quickly, consciously adopting beliefs and consciously living in emotions that will create the reality that we choose. Note that this is not “the power of positive thinking.” We all have work to do here. And imagine that this approach can become effortless once we get past our own personal tipping points, beyond repeating the past, opening ourselves to what will make the difference and truly taking it on permanently.

Spontaneous Healing of BeliefIndividually, each one of these keys is fascinating. Together, in this order, they tell a story, and they build an internal technology so powerful that it is the single most powerful force in all of creation, the power to build and create, simply, from imagining within and allowing our imaginations to become real in the world around us. These keys allow us to participate in the world in a way that affects it. Consciousness is a measurable force, and with it we have everything we need to embrace our power to create something brand new, beyond the realm of reason and logic.

With the power of consciousness, we can transcend the limits of our own past beliefs. Remember, we are the art as well as the artists. It all begins with healing our beliefs. I’ll end this sharing the way I began it: this is wild work, and Gregg Braden’s narration is riveting. For most of this eventful year I’ve been engaging in my customary practice of listening to great music to nourish and energize me. Now I’m listening to Gregg Braden, too. Check out his work, and keep me posted on all the ways it moves you and moves you forward.


Left Coast Coach Teresa Young works with bold, savvy folks ready to act on what they really, really want. She coaches by phone, in person, and via Skype outside the U.S.