When Darkness Falls

Working on a new...My darlings, I suspect that darkness
truly is the grist that grinds us
on down to our finest, far past
what we’ve known. At times we really must

just inch our way blind down midnight roads,
find footholds at moonless junctures,
own our aloneness. Yet we also hold
others and are held within love’s structures

that we’ve cobbled day by day,
north, south, east and west of trouble,
and that will succor us in new ways
if we will only learn to suckle

on those who love us, from pale cadets
to wizened elder statesmen with
whom we only thought to intersect
in small talk, not in stark new truths

that we must also, yes, suspect.
Yes. Yes! Let’s seize today to make
of it what we will, and forget
should have, could have. Let’s take

each gift of goodness, truth, and beauty all
the way to whatever’s next with those
we love. Let’s plan this season’s art and call
on every beating heart disposed

to share in what we’ll craft. We’ll risk
the simple happiness that we still
imagine, will perhaps otherwise miss,
and can perhaps take with us past all this.