Relishing exquisiteness, with thanks

napo2014buttonI began my relatively, blessedly unstructured morning in a way that I love, seeing what intriguing things have come my way via email before getting out of bed. On Saturdays and Sundays I’ll loll for an hour or more under the covers with my phone, reading, browsing, listening… ahhhhh, the delights of modern “wool-gathering”, an evocative term I learned from my husband Kevin, a stalwart lad of ancient Irish origin.

During my lazy-day meanderings, a revelation came to me from the Poetry Foundation‘s daily offering: I lingered over Robert Wrigley’s exquisite Earthly Meditations, then slaked my sudden thirst for more by exploring his bio, additional poems, and an article, all on the foundation’s scholarly yet accessible site. Then I shot off two emails, one to thank them for introducing me to Robert Wrigley—I’ll definitely need more of that voice in my ear—and the other in thanks for today’s gorgeous daily audio poem post, Misery and Splendor, by Robert Haas.

Feed your soul by pausing to experience both pieces. Let these unexpected gifts, like fine wine and fare that you hadn’t planned for and did nothing to earn, enrich your day or night in a few free moments. Each is sustenance that you won’t forget. And thank you again, Poetry Foundation, for your nourishing work in the world!