If Peace of Mind Comes…

Those of you who are in my circle know I published my now-husband Kevin Kelly’s first novel, Ride the Snake, as an ebook in late 2012, after getting frustrated while reading plenty of published fiction that deserved it less. Since then I’ve been working a lot in my busy music-teacher life, including “working” at work-life balance ;0), while thinking about the publishing vehicle I’d created and how to use it next. There are plenty of possibilities: Kevin’s additional writings, my own, including music, and that of others.

If Peace of Mind CoverSo now I’m pleased to announce that I’ve epublished a little volume of poems and images that began as a project for National Poetry Writing Month 2013 in collaboration with master photographer John Livzey. If Peace of Mind Comes is my second venture into micro-publishing, which I’ll be exploring further soon.

In response to a WordPress invitation, I wrote a poem per day during April 2013, with a twist: one of John’s gorgeous images to accompany each poem. The process was a blast and reinforced for me the fact that writing is a central pleasure in my creative life. A few months later I had another idea, to complete the enjoyable experience by capturing it as an ebook. Voila!

Cruising for Snaps CoverFor more about John Livzey, he’s a gifted career photographer and artist with professional and personal work spanning five decades. His eye for an image continues to move me years into regular access to his work. He has other compilations on Amazon, including Cruising for Snaps, available in a big, beautiful physical format. Check him out, including his website, www.johnlivzey.com.

And here’s my request for your help:  Would you please download If Peace of Mind Comes, read it, and review it on Amazon? That would be amazing. 

I’ll write more soon about realizations I’ve had lately, what I’ve been reading from other authors, and how all that relates to my new exploration of micro-publishing. And here’s to all our new ventures and adventures. Please do share!