On staycation days — and balance!

Photo Aug 08, 1 23 01 AM

Our view of Zuma Beach as we relax with books and a little Pinot Grigio after a long walk

There in the sunshine, in the sweet summertime… — Van Morrison

Kevin and I took a drive along the world-famous Pacific Coast Highway yesterday and hung out beachside for the afternoon, intent on doing little except being present to the beauty of it all. The beach has always been one place for me to stop, space out, and check in along the continuum of my life: how was I doing as I reflect back, and how am I doing now? How am I feeling? Is my life in balance? Am I operating from a calm place, from an inspired and intrigued space, without being fueled primarily by adrenaline that’s expensive to the body and spirit?

And I’m sold on the staycation concept, even for a day, or an afternoon. It really is a matter of consciousness, and capacity for balance, right? Consciousness of the value of play, rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation in the midst of all our juicy projects and good works. How about that new phrase for me, born of a staycation day: the value of play. Haha! I’m in.

Sometimes “getting away” takes planning, time, and resources. And sometimes, if we’re thinking creatively and ever ready to find enjoyable breaks in the action, not so much. For some folks, bliss is an afternoon of gardening, or puttering in funky shops, or dreaming up an original recipe, or just reading, reading, and more reading. (I’m on the lookout for yummy uses for fresh figs, by the way…) Whatever it is, that revivifying well that’s always within our reach, I say let’s get good at going there often, and spontaneously, even inviting near and dear ones to join us and to invite us along when it’s the right time for them to do some staycationing.

Photo Aug 08, 1 18 01 AM

Our view from a Paradise Cove Beach Cafe window booth

Whatever we lose (like a you or a me), it’s always ourselves we find in the sea — e.e. cummings

Photo Aug 08, 8 04 07 PM

A later view, from the chill chairs above!

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