On music and… my beautiful LIFE!

Music is LifeAh, how seldom I actually write about my beloved MUSIC, stuff of my soul, joy of my heart! I’ll take a moment to reflect on it and my relationship to it as I revel in some relaxed time in the midst of my chill holiday prep.

This amazing image came to me from the mom of two of my ridiculously adorable young piano students. (Thanks so much, Ann!) I’d love to know more about it. Meanwhile, its vibrancy, energy, and obvious age and agelessness all sing to me.

For me, music–like so much else that enriches my life: the arts, ideas, food, relationships–rests squarely in and expresses that transcendent juncture between the individual and the communal, between past and present, between what resonates from deep in our tissues, cells, and collective memories and what’s brand new, by-the-seat-of-our-pants exploration and improvisation. And these days it has become the stuff of my miraculous mid-life life as teacher to a whole lot of absurdly enjoyable children and young people.

“They” may say, whoever they are, that those who can’t do teach, but that has never bothered me. I always knew that my own teachers, the memorable ones, I mean, had a gift for it, one that I valued and even wanted. And I know now that life has its unpredictable seasons, more so than we ever imagine in our young, whole-lives-ahead-of-us years. These days I’m surrendering to the very pleasant pursuit of facilitating the musical development of others, while half expecting, intrigued and curious about my own process, that I’ll hear the must-answer call to Get It Goin’ On Again myself out there somewhere in the veiled future. One never knows where the path of authentic living will meander next if we don’t mind cavorting with the unknown, and I love that jazz-dance.

Meanwhile, music feeds me continuously, enlivening and ennobling my journey and providing its soundtrack. And I still count hearing a little girl in a grocery store checkout line in Connecticut years ago singing a melody of mine as one of my most precious experiences. And my list of newly unforgettable musical moments with unforgettable children is growing day by day, week by week, season by season. Beautiful, yes? Yes!

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