And now, it’s… Thanksgiving weekend?!

Where, oh, where did the second half of 2012 go? I do in fact know, though, at least for myself: to various passionate pursuits that I knew I would dive back into with relish after my revivifying Paris experience.

It’s an action-packed year as I jam on building the music program at inspiring MUSE School CA, explore my new passion for plant-based deliciousness, enjoy family, friends, students, colleagues and clients, and consider the endless stream of ideas that I step into when I get out of bed every morning.

And I’ll unveil a new “child” of mine here, If you know me, you know the phrase suits me beautifully. Food is so primal, so fundamental to our experience of living, and one powerful way of expressing and sharing pleasure and love.

Since my world was rocked by The China Study this summer, with its undeniable guidance on the relationship between food and disease, I’ve become happily obsessed with learning to develop flavor without animal products. Basically, I want vibrant physical health over the long haul, and I don’t want to live without daily sensual experiences of succulence and satiety, for myself and for my loved ones. It’s a delicious new challenge within which to express my creative drive! Follow me there and join the conversation. I’ll be delighted.

And I’ll be back here as the spirit moves me. Meanwhile I’m enjoying the wild journey, and wishing you beauty and satisfaction on it.

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