The sun sets on our Paris experience…

But first it rises on our last morning there…

A bittersweet moment, anticipating home AND already wistful for our “Paris routine”

We have an intense travel day ahead with plenty of thinking time in different phases once we get ourselves across Paris to Charles De Gaulle Airport. Gotta go, broken toe and all. Did I mention that? Kevin’s, that is. Yep, a wrinkle in the month’s tapestry that didn’t stop us. We just shifted our stroll into looooow gear and kept getting out there.

A last domestic Paris tableau, which I didn’t realize at the time even has me in it

And yes, as the sun rises, the sun also sets on our month-long adventure. What a beautiful month it has been! And speaking of the sun rising, I’ve thought a lot during this experience about Hemingway’s “Paris is a moveable feast” quote that I shared several weeks back while waiting on the edge of my chair to be there. My next post will be my reflections, as I process our immersion experience, on why and how Paris is a moveable feast, and how it can and will affect my busy, beautiful life back at home.

Heading home… and ’til soon, my dears… bonne journee!