Yoga in the Marais district of Paris

Centre de Yoga Du Marais, 72 rue du Vertbois, Paris

I began looking for a yoga class as soon as Kevin and I got ourselves settled in the Montmartre area apartment where we’ll live for the month of July. I knew what I wanted and it was specifically restorative, aligned with my rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation theme for this amazing life experience far from home in L.A.

I found the Centre de Yoga du Marais on the internet and appreciated its well-designed website as well as proprietor Michelle’s prompt, kind email reply to my questions. I waited a few days for the right class, intent on the restorative experience that I was imagining, which for me in the past has entailed a series of postures to open the body, mind, and heart, inducing oxygenation, relaxation, and release of habitual tension and holding. I wanted a gentle physical meditation rather than a workout. And today’s 6:30 p.m. class was worth the wait.

Kevin and I walked there. He had his trusty iPad in hand to read from at a nearby cafe. Women slowly gathered with us until eight or so expectant participants waited together. Our guide for the class arrived a little late but began creating the perfect experience instantly, with a calm, openness and centeredness that you can’t pretend. The class was exactly what I was looking for and more, including the chance to experience the work of a quiet, gifted teacher.

Once we were all settled on our mats, I caught enough of our instructor’s greeting in French to know we were being asked about languages; I’d had lovely conversations in English with two women before class, but I was the only person who needed to confess that no, I didn’t understand French. Another question or explanation ensued to the group, and then the class was conducted in English. I was moved by that and expressed my appreciation at the end.

Check their website for summer offerings. Meanwhile, merci beaucoup for a truly restorative experience, Centre de Yoga du Marais!