Domestic views from Paris

I was going to take a break but my mom asked for these. Here you go, mama…

We’re comfortably nested in the rooms I don’t show, with plenty of “his and hers” space. And I know it won’t be long before I put together another post because that’s part of the fun for me. A cold tackled me along with some delayed jet-lag, so we’re taking it easy, enjoying the fact that we have plenty of time to do so. More soon!

View from the entrance

One of two dining areas. The apartment is set up to accommodate more than one family, sharing a kitchenette.

Another view

The other dining area, adjacent to the street

There are three bathrooms, attached to each of three bedrooms, with two separate toilet closets.

Rainy day street views from inside

Street view, almost 10 p.m., still light!

The kitchenette – rain + cold = make soup!